These are a few key tips all play by post players should keep in mind.

Stay on topic.

The Game Master will edit or remove off topic discussion.

Keep it simple.

Try to stay to one action at a time, posting pages of content doesn’t allow for other players to interact and causes the game to bog down.

Keep moving forward.

Don’t go back and added to a previous scene or talk about stuff that your character already happened in the past.

Post quickly.

Make sure to try and post your replies within 24 hours of a new post being published

Be Patient

Don’t overrun slower players with posts. Be patient and let others get their posts in. Game Masters can set a time limit for responses.

Talk in first person.

You are posting as your character. Own it. If you want to talk about your character, then preface it with “OOC:”

Post actions

Try to post actions for your PC instead of open ended dialogue. Not that the Game Master doesn’t want the PCs to talk to each other, but actions are what drives the game along. 🙂

Commit to actions

Avoid saying open ended and not committal statements. When you say “I will do such and such…” try to say “I do this..” instead. “Will” implies in the future, later, not just yet. It’s a safety net. Don’t tell us what you are planning, tell us what you are doing. If you have questions specifically for the Game Master, try private messaging instead.

Communicate when you are unable to play

If you are unable to play for a short period of time, make sure to tell everyone. Life happens, but it’s unfair for you to just disappear. You are letting the Game Master and the other players down when you do.

Away From Game Actions

Create a “Standard Operating Procedure” that enables the Game Master to play your PC in the event that you cannot. “My rogue has the hood of his cloak of elvenkind down and tries to stay hidden. When in an encounter he’ll shoot an arrow at the toughest looking enemy that has an ally adjacent to him and slip back into the shadows”.

What else helps to make your own play by post more successful? Post a comment below and share.

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