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I always wonder, “What would other people change about D&D?”

I know I’ve changed it into something very D&D, but at the same time very different. I recently picked up the AD&D 1st edition dungeon masters guide, which BTW is as good or better than the 5e one, and… well I didn’t realize how much the creator (Mr. Gygax) put into that book!

I myself started out as a 1983 Basic D&D and then AD&D 2nd Edition player. All I knew was the system I was given, but going back, back to when the actual players and creators were deeply invested what a difference it made. They weren’t just doing a job – they were trying to share their unique game experience and to create others who would share and make it their own. AD&D was their baby.

So, as the creator and player of Cresthaven RPG, I ask:

What rules do you love from your first RPG that you would like to see integrated into this project? What was the one quintessential thing made it stand out in your mind?

Share in the comments below.

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