It’s black skin shimmer slightly in the torch light, the green acid hissing as it pooled from it’s fanged maw.


Young Black Dragon by BenWootten

Lording over the darkest swamps and marshes, black dragons are the undisputed masters of their domain, ruling through cruelty and intimidation. Those who dwell within a black dragon’s reach live in fear. Black dragons tend to make their lairs in remote parts of the swamp, preferably in caves at the bottom of dark and fetid pools. Inside, they pile up their filthy treasure and sleep amid the roots and muck. Black dragons prefer their food a bit rotten and will often allow a meal to sit in a pool for days before consuming it. Black dragons prefer treasures that do not rot or decay, making their hoard, full of coins, gemstones, jewelry, and other objects made from stone or metal.


Number Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 22
Hit Dice: 24
Movement: 60 feet, fly 150 feet
Special Movement: Flying
Hit Bonus: +15
Number Attacks: 3
Damage: Bite 1d8+8, 2 claws 1d6+8, 2 wings 1d4+2
Special Attacks: Spray acid in a 60 ft. line for 8d6 damage – save CON DC 20 for half damage
Special Defense: At will – Darkness (40 foot radius)
Retreat: Run at 75% Hit Points
Alignment: Evil
Frequency of Encounter: Rare
Intelligence: Average (human) intelligence
Size: Huge (12+’ to 25′)
Habitat: Bog/Marsh/Swamp
Type: Dragons
Experience: 4,500
Loot: 2d10 x 1000 GP, 2d10 x 1000 SP, 3d10 gems, 2d10 items, 1d6 magic items

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