You venture deep into an ancient, maze-like dungeon, torchlight flickering against mossy walls. With each cautious step in the growing darkness, anticipation thickens. The scent of damp earth and distant water drips are your only company. Suddenly, you discover a vast chamber, its ceiling disappearing into darkness. At its heart lies a giant spider, spun in moonlit webs, the very creature of legends. Its eight black eyes reflect a chilling intelligence as it advances, venomous fangs ready. Now, in this moment, your bravery faces its greatest challenge.

Excerpt from Giant Spiders of Cresthaven

Calling Adventurers!

Step into the world of Cresthaven RPG, where epic adventures and thrilling encounters await at every turn. This game, crafted with the essence of classic role-playing experiences, is remarkably easy to learn and teach, making it perfect for both newcomers and seasoned RPG enthusiasts. In just 20 minutes, craft your unique character, or dive straight into the adventure with pre-generated options. Set in the enchanting Village of Cresthaven, this game invites you to forge unforgettable stories and experiences. Join us in Cresthaven RPG – where imagination meets adventure, and where every session is a doorway to extraordinary tales!

Living Document

Your ideas will help shape and enhance the Cresthaven RPG!

The Cresthaven RPG website is a living document that grows and changes with input from players like you. This site is a collaborative space where your feedback and ideas are not just welcomed, but essential. Whether you have suggestions for new game elements or thoughts on improving gameplay, your insights can make a real impact. Make your voice heard by commenting on any page of the website.

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Special shout-out to Steve Daskam for his artwork contribution!

Go check his artwork here:


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  1. Greg Hunter

    I just wanted to drop a note (finally) to say thank you for this. I found this site during Covid lockdown, when my wife asked me to figure out how to GM for my kids and their friends who lost access to their D&D group. I hadn’t played any TTRPGs for over 30 years (and frankly wasn’t even interested). This site made it easy, and fun as hell. My kids left the group 2 years ago, but I still GM a party of 5 (4 of which are OG party members) every other Saturday.

    May Cresthaven live forever!

    Fun fact: Horace Sharpcheeks (if that’s even his real name…) is a primary protagonist in our long-running campaign. He’s basically Charlie from Charlie’s Angels.

    So thanks again for putting this out there, for helping keep a handful of adventurers a little saner over the last few years, and mostly for reigniting my love and passion for TTRPGs.

    Forever grateful,


    1. Avatar photo
      A J

      Thank you for the kind words, Greg! I’m glad you enjoy it!!!

  2. Stephen Gilman

    Is there a PDF one can download that compiles all the rules and whatnot?

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks for asking about the possibility of getting a PDF version of our content instead of using our website. We want to explain why using our website has unique benefits:

      1. Dynamic Updates: Our website allows us to continuously update and improve our content based on feedback and changes in the game. This means you always get the latest rules and resources for Cresthaven RPG.
      2. Interactive Features: The website is user-friendly and interactive, making it easy to navigate and search for specific information. You can also connect with the Cresthaven community, share your creations, and join discussions.
      3. Mobile and Cross-Device Compatibility: Our website is designed to work smoothly on different devices, including smartphones and tablets. So, you can access Cresthaven RPG anytime and anywhere.
      4. Community Engagement: Being part of our website lets you connect with other players, share your ideas, and participate in events that enrich your gaming experience.
      5. Easy Updates: With a live website, we can quickly address any mistakes, clarify rules, and provide updates, ensuring you have the most accurate information.
      6. Rich Media Content: Our website includes various media elements like videos, images, and interactive tools, making the learning process enjoyable.
      7. Expansion Possibilities: As Cresthaven RPG grows, we can easily add expansions and new content to the website, offering you more adventures.

      We respect your preferences, and if you still prefer a PDF version of specific content, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to help.

  3. bryrich

    In light of the OGL drama, I’m planning to create my own system. Just wanted to say that many of the ways I thought to make DnD easier, you implemented! Bravo, hope you are well.

    1. Avatar photo

      That’s wonderful! Welcome Bryrich! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

  4. Victor Valenzuela

    From what I had read I’m loving the system is quite compatible with many systems like Ryuutama, the simple version of Burning Wheel which is Mouse Guard, pathfinder, every D&D editions and so on, and I’m tempted to translate it to Spanish. So my kids could play it on their own.

    1. Avatar photo

      Let me know if you do, so I can share it!!!

  5. Giacomo Mirabassi

    Thank for you work!
    I’m planning to play Cresthaven RPG with my children and their friends, but they don’t know English language so I’m working to an Italian translation of the player book.

    I’m not sure about how to handle measurements units. Using imperial system will make easier to find and adapt existing resources and feels somewhat “exotic” for us, that can be a good thing in a fantasy setting. But metrical is more familiar and easy to visualize.

    Do you have any suggestion on this point?

  6. Chris Cavanagh

    A shout out of gratitude for all your work on this site. I’m new to D&D and my 9-year-old got interested on account of a classmate. So i’ve given myself a crash course (watching a lot of Critical Role) and reading tons, of course. This site is perfect for the 9/10 year-old set. We ran our first session yesterday afternoon and my son and four of his mates had a blast. The only downside was that we had planned for two hours and could have used at least one more. Everybody was learning – including me – of course. All we had time for was character creation (simplified even more and the character sheets are outstanding) and the arachnid encounter. It all worked great and really gave me and my son and his mates the experience of success that left them all excited for more – ASAP.

  7. Jason Constantine

    I just want to say that this is awesome. Me and some friends discussed playing for years and never got to do it cause it took so much time to set up characters and run a campaign. This is so simple and easy to set up and use that even the wives took notice and got in on the fun. Kudos to you guys for creating this system. Its a great way to get people who have never played before involved. Thank you so much 🙂

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