“It’s dangerous to go alone!” – Legend of Zelda

What are Hirelings and Henchmen

Just as in real life, individuals for hire offer their services for a modest fee, ranging from skilled fighters for raids to torch bearers aiding in illumination and treasure transportation. Most hirelings avoid perilous situations, but those willing to take that risk receive a fair share of the acquired loot.

Availability and types of hirelings are determined by the Dungeon Master, with the local Adventurer’s Guild serving as a reliable resource.

The maximum number of hirelings a character can enlist depends on their Charisma ability score.

Charisma Ability Score# Hirelings

Types of Hirelings and Costs

The Dungeon Masters should adjust the costs listed here based on the size of the town or village, how dangerous the target location is, and the charisma of the player party.

HirelingDaily WageShareACHit DiceDamageCarry
Squire (Melee)50sp1/1016d8d8130lbs
Fighter (Melee)1gp1/5172d8d8 +1160lbs
Archer (Ranged)5gp1/4152d8d8 +2160lbs

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