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Learning to Play


An ideal start for learning as you play, Goblin Raiders is designed to guide new players through the basics of Cresthaven RPG. Set against the backdrop of Cresthaven and Darkwood, this adventure calls upon heroes to tackle the goblin threat at the Ruins of Darramoka. Engaging for a party of five and a Dungeon Master, this quest not only introduces low-level monsters and dungeon exploration but also ensures players level up as they unravel the adventure, providing a practical and interactive learning experience​​.

Complete Setting


Cresthaven is a vibrant, living village set in a rugged landscape, defined by its resilient community and the adventures that await within and beyond its borders. It’s a complete setting for players and DMs, alive with intertwined stories and questing opportunities, making it an ideal place to explore, engage with unique NPCs, and create memorable campaigns.

Free Adventures


The quaint Village of Cresthaven is beset by fears of giant spiders that have brought disappearances of crops and livestock. A band of heroes, prompted by these ominous tales, ventures forth only to be ensnared in the spiders’ dark, web-laden lair. This quest, meant for 4 to 6 players of levels 1 to 3, challenges adventurers with traps, ambushes, and treacherous environments, promising to test their wits, resources, and bravery.



A serene journey from Cresthaven village to a nearby stream takes a perilous turn as the party encounters an elaborate trap set by fishing spiders, turning an unassuming path into a battleground. “Arachnid Ambush” presents a quick, intense combat encounter against seven venomous spiders, testing the party’s might and strategy. Perfect for game masters and players looking for a swift and thrilling challenge, this encounter promises swift action and potential rewards for the brave​​.

Jungle Whispers: A Rainforest Encounter

Players navigate the perilous terrain of a rain-soaked rainforest, ensnared by a goblin shaman’s snare trap, while fending off an ambush. The encounter tests the party’s ability to escape traps, battle goblin skirmishers, and survive the shaman’s primal magic. Suitable for a party of four level 2 characters, this encounter requires players to have skills in perception and combat strategy, along with the potential for quick environmental adaptation and role-playing interactions.

Caravan In The Crosshairs

“Caravan in the Crosshairs” is an encounter for four level 5 characters, combining aerial threats from griffon-riding bandits and environmental dangers in a snowy mountain pass. As the caravan faces a surprise attack, the adventurers must navigate treacherous terrain and combat both bandits and the harsh elements.

Moonlit Glade

“Moonlit Glade” is an engaging encounter designed for 2-4 level 3 players in the Cresthaven RPG. Set in an ever-shrinking mystical glade, players are tasked with solving a complex riddle to appease forest spirits and escape an ominous fate.

Hostage at Owlbear Ridge

“Hostage at Owlbear Ridge”, is an encounter for 2 level 4 adventurers who have been dispatched on a critical mission to negotiate the release of a hostage held by kobolds and their owl bear ally.

Oozing Dungeon Peril: A Gelatinous Cube Encounter

As you make your way through the dimly lit stone corridors, the air becomes heavy with a foul, garbage-like smell. The hallway ahead is filled with debris – broken furniture, old weapons, and piles of unidentified remains.

Paid Adventures


Horace Sharpcheeks’ tower, once overseeing Cresthaven, lies in ruin after a mysterious explosion, spawning a call to adventurers to investigate and clear out infesting goblins. This adventure, ideal for new Cresthaven RPG players, promises an exploration of hidden caverns and forgotten magic, available for purchase to bring this tale of intrigue to your table. Delve into the ruins, unearth the secrets, and be the heroes Cresthaven needs. For purchase at DriveThruRPG.


Nicolas, the beloved leader of the elves, has been taken, and time is running out to save him. “The Santa Situation” is a thrilling Cresthaven RPG adventure designed for 3-5 midlevel characters, where bravery and cunning are the keys to success. Compatible with OSR titles and adaptable to various d20 systems, your party’s quest to rescue Nicolas promises to be a memorable journey filled with holiday heroism. For purchase at DriveThruRPG.

Bestiaries for Published Adventures

These monster lists can be used with the following published adventures. Just replace the stat-blocks in the adventures with the ones provided.

Additional Adventuring

Cresthaven RPG is fully compatible with modules from:

Basic D&D from TSR (from the 70s, 80s or 90s) will work to with a little tweaking to the monster stat blocks.

Notes on converting Pathfinder Adventures. Check out our conversion for the Crypt of the Everflame


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