Selecting an ancestry for your character is about more than just stats and abilities; it’s about defining a character’s background, beliefs, struggles, and motivations. The choice of ancestry should reflect not just the in-game advantages it offers, but also the deeper narrative and role-playing opportunities that align with the player’s vision for their character.

Here’s why you might choose each ancestry:

  • Catfolk: Perfect for those seeking agility, stealth, and a hint of wild unpredictability. They often have keen senses and might resonate with players who value both independence and loyalty.
  • Draco: Choose them if you’re fascinated by the mystique of deep caverns and the idea of camouflage. Their ancestry offers a unique blend of adaptability and survival, ideal for those wanting to explore hidden or forbidden lore.
  • Dwarves: Ideal for players who value tradition, resilience, and craftsmanship. Dwarves often come with bonuses related to metallurgy or stonework and have deep-seated family values.
  • Elves: If you’re drawn to ancient wisdom, magic, and a connection to nature, the elves’ longevity and arcane talents might appeal to you. Their capricious nature can make for fascinating role-play opportunities.
  • Faun: The faun’s strong ties to nature and musical inclinations are great for those who want a character with a whimsical, yet grounded disposition. They may be adept at navigating natural terrains and have a penchant for charm and enchantment.
  • Halflings: Their optimism and wanderlust make halflings suitable for players who want a character that’s both cheerful and daring. Their small size and luck can lead to unexpected and creative solutions to problems.
  • Humans: For those who relish flexibility and adaptability. Humans can easily fit into many roles, often acting as bridges between different ancestries due to their diverse cultures and innate diplomacy.
  • Ratlings: For those seeking agility and resourcefulness, the ratling’s knack for survival in both urban and wild environments is enticing. They might excel in roles that require stealth, cunning, or quick reflexes.
  • Wolfin: If you’re inspired by the idea of a character who is both fierce and misunderstood, the wolfin’s heightened senses and inherent strength are worth considering. They might often find themselves as outsiders, making for compelling character arcs.
Character Ancestry Options

Optional Ancestries

These are works in progress. If you’d like additional ancestries, please post a comment and I’ll reach out to you.

Dragonborn – born of dragons, they have natural dragon abilities

Gnome – this tiny group survives by their intellect and childlike charms


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