There are three basic class groups: Fighter, Magic and Rogue – each with their own abilities and specializations. All classes start with the same money. See Money and Treasure

Faun Ranger, Human Cleric, Barbarian, Wizard, Halfling Thief, Dwarven Cavalier

Fighter Classes

Barbarian fighters come from the wilds outside the civilized world. They live off of the land and fight hard to survive.

Cavalier fighters are the trained fighters of the civilized realms. As they advance to higher levels, they fill roles as knights and protectors of the realm.

Rangers are experts at tracking, hunting and living off of the land.

Magic Classes

Clerics are the vessel of the divine, casting spells by the grace of their gods.

Wizards harness the powers of magic through the sciences and chemistry.

Druids call upon the very power of nature to cast their spells.

Rogue Classes

Thieves excel at moving about unseen and catching foes unaware, and tend to avoid head-to-head combat.

Grifters are masters of manipulating and fixing situations with their words rather than their steel.

Assassins are the shadows that strike in the night, using poison and stealth to work their craft.

Draft Classes

Classes that aren’t officially part of the game, but a work in progress.

Knights are charismatic warriors who uphold a sacred Oath of Chivalry, defending the realm with courage and skill.

Paladins are holy warriors, combining the fighting prowess of a fighter with the divine magic of a cleric.

Shamans are a psychic with a bridge between worlds, weaves curses with hair and heals with herbs.

Monks train to become one with the universe, favoring their own inner power to become all powerful.

Multi-Class Characters

Multi-class characters gain the benefits of both classes that the player choose.

  • Players must level up each of the classes together, and all experience is split evenly between the classes.
  • Characters get Hit Points from the lower of the two classes only.
  • Class restrictions from both classes are applied to the character.

Ideas: Warmage (fighter/magic user), Bard (magic user/thief), Bounty Hunter (fighter/thief)


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