Resting and Healing

In an adventure is it common for a hero to be wounded. They also need to have down time where they rest, eat and other day-to-day things that wouldn’t be role played. The time that is provided is for the GM to determine if the player’s characters rest attracts the attention of passing monsters or bad things. There are two types of rests:

bullseyeHit Points vs Hit Dice – Hit dice are determined by classes and by level. Hit points are determined by rolling the Hit Dice and using the result.

Short rest this is when the players take the time to rest and tend to their wounds. A player who takes a short rest would recover 1 hit dice (roll) of health in that time due to bandaging wounds and healing. A short rest is any rest that is no less than 1 hour (6 turns).

Long rest this is when the players take the opportunity to sleep,  recover spells (via prayer or study), and heal the party. A long rest is no less than 8 hours (40 turns) at which time players can recover a roll of all hit dice worth of Hit Points.

reminderBurt the Barbarian, a third level fighter, takes a long rest. He recovers 3d10 hit dice of health. His companion Mag the Magnificent, a third level magic-user, also recovers 3d4 hits dice and has recovered all of this spells to use again in their adventure.

Death and Dying (DC 20)

When characters reach zero hit points they must make a Constitution DC 20 vs death. They have three attempts to pass or their player is lost forever.

Print your character death certificates here!

reminderBob the Barbarian is reduced to 0 hit points, he has to make a saving throw vs Death (DC 20), he rolls 1d20 (18) and adds +3 for his Constitution – for a total of 21. Bob is not going to die today. He’s just unconscious and stable until he can be healed.


A potential resurrection subject may be required to roll a resurrection survival check (Constitution 10). If successful, the subject will be successfully revived. If, however, it fails, that person is gone forever. No further attempts at resurrection can be made, and attempts to contact the spirit of the deceased will always fail.

Price to have this spell cast is 1 x 1,000 GP or a Diamond of equal value.


A character that is dead no less than 10 days can be Reincarnated. The reincarnated character’s soul is placed in a magically formed body and retains all of their memories and skills, their race however is determined by random. This means all race abilities are lost and the new racial abilities are used.

Roll 1d6 to determined the new race of the character.

  1. Human
  2. Draco
  3. Dwarf
  4. Elf
  5. Faun
  6. Halfling

Price of reincarnation includes rare oils and unguents worth a total of least 650 gp.


If a player is poisoned, they have only a limited time to recover. The first step is to make a saving DC vs the poison strength and add your Constitution modifier. If the save is failed, then the poison takes effect. To negate poison there are only two options – find the antidote or get a magic-user to negate the poison

For more details on possible character conditions (like poisoning) visit the complete list of Other Player Conditions

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