Having the right tool for the right task can mean the difference between life and death beneath the ground in an abandoned tomb or dungeon complex. Players may be tempted to load their characters up with too much gear, burdening movement and restricting their fighting capability.

Naturally, there is a limit to what an adventurer can reasonably carry, and a character weighted down with every conceivable piece of equipment will soon find that it is best to be selective in choosing how much to carry. If for no other reason, those same sacks and backpacks need to be empty enough to carry out the vast troves of coins and other treasure the party expects to find! Moreover, if the party must flee from pursuers, it may not be important to be the fastest, but it is of crucial importance not to be the slowest!

Determining Max Weight

Max weight carried is Strength +4 (so a -3 would become +1) x 25 lbs.

Example: A cavalier with a strength of +3 would be able to carry 175 lbs.

Example: A wizard with a strength of -3 would be able to carry 25 lbs.

Encumbrance on Moving

Movement is reduced to 1/2 when carrying more than half of the character’s max weight.

If there character is carrying their max weight or more, they are overloaded and cannot move.

See Encumbered character condition

Hands and Holding

Characters have two hands. Period. They may not carry a torch and a sword and a shield. This goes for large sacks, rope, treasures, etc.

Treasure Weight

A single coin of any type weighs one ounce. So there are 16 coins in 1 pound.

140 carats of gems = 1 pound. A typical gem of 100 gp should weigh about 1/10 lb

Backpacks, Pouches, Sacks, Etc.

For a loose estimation of how much fits in where try this below. I’m thinking about moving to a grid system where items take up boxes in a grid – would help to account for odd shaped items, but until then use this.

Backpack – holds 40 lbs
Large Sack – holds 60 lbs
Small Sack – holds 30 lbs
Large Belt Pouch – holds 10 lbs
Small Belt Pouch – holds 1 lb
Saddlebag – holds 30 lbs

Cresthaven RPG already lists the weights in the equipment, armor and weapons area