Time Tracker Worksheet
Time Tracking Worksheet Download!

There are four important time breakouts that are important in this game. Nearly all game time in a dungeon is measured in turns, unless the party is engaged in combat. Measuring time can be important for many reasons; torches burn down to useless stubs, food is consumed, and wounded characters heal damage as they rest. 

Turn this is a 10 minute time increment in which most time is recorded

Round this is a 1 minute time increment where combat or actions take place

Segment this a 6 second increment

Time Conversions

1 Turn = 10 Rounds = 60 segments

Instant these things happen as soon as it’s your turn and can be done in addition to an action typically used with spells

Movement and Timekeeping

The speed listed on each race type is the distance a character can move unencumbered per round (1 minute). Below is a list of races with their base movement in feet and their encumbered movement for quick reference.

Race Base Encumbered
Draco 140 70
Dwarf 90 45
Elf 120 60
Faun 150 75
Halfling 90 45
Human 120 60

A party’s base speed is based on the speed of the SLOWEST member.

Movement of a character is reduced by half if the character is more than 50% encumbered. See Encumbrance

If a character is moving cautiously (e.g., sneaking, mapping), this movement rate is divided by 10.

Running allows the character to double their movement rate. During combat, a flat-out run is not possible unless performing a charge or fleeing from combat.

For example: A character moves 6 squares per round in a dungeon with 5′ x 5′ grid squares. For every 60 squares tick off a turn.

Time of Common Actions

  • Searching a room: 1 turn per 30′ x 30′ space.
  • Map a room: 1 turn per 30′ x 30′ space.
  • Torch: burns for 1 hour (6 turns)
  • Lantern Oil: burns for 4 hours (24 turns)
  • Listening for noise: 1 round per attempt
  • Searching for traps: 1d4 rounds per attempt
  • Open a stuck or locked door: 1 round per attempt
  • Eating should happen every 4-6 hours
  • Eating: 1d4 turns
  • Rations: 1 ration per day
  • Waterskin: 1 skin of water per day
  • Short Rest: recover 1 hit dice (roll) of health 1 hour (6 turns).
  • Long Rest: recover full hit points (8 hours or 48 turns)
  • Recover Mana: Full mana at 10 hours (60 turns) or 10% per hour (6 turns)

For more details on movement check out Encumbrance 


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