Very Rare | Gargantuan | Chaotic evil | Dragon

Black dragons are abusive, quick to anger, and resent intrusions of any kind. They like dismal surroundings, heavy vegetation, and prefer darkness to daylight. Although not as intelligent as other dragons, black dragons are instinctively cunning and malevolent.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
19 44
(11 Hit Dice)
walk 60 ft
fly 150 ft
Appearing 1d4+1
Habitat Any Warm, Swamp, Underground
Negotiation yes
Morale DC 18
Challenge 9.1 (2,730 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

6 2 3 2 1 1


Has 3 attacks. Hit Bonus +6. Damage: Claws (2) 1d6 +6, Bite 3d6 +6

Special Attacks

Breath Weapon. A black dragon’s breath weapon is a 5′ wide stream of acid that extends 60′ in a straight line for 8d4 +6 damage. Dexterity DC 15 for half damage.

Special Defense

Spell Caster. Black dragons can cast the following spells once per day: darkness 10 ft, corrupt water and charm reptiles


Individual: None

Lair: 5d6×1,000 cp (25%), 1d100×1,000 sp (40%), 1d6×10,000 gp (55%), 5d10×100 pp (25%), 1d100 gems (50%), 1d4×10 jewelry (50%), 4 magic items plus 1 potion and 1 scroll (15%), 2d4 potions (40%), 1d4 scrolls (50%)