Rare | Medium | Lawful evil | Humanoid

Fishmen, Deep Ones, Y’ha-nthlei, are an ancient race of fish-men that dwells underground and harbors a deep hatred of surface dwellers and sunlight. A Y’ha-nthlei presents a cold and horrible appearance. A typical specimen looks much like a human body, albeit a paunchy one, covered in scales and topped with a fish’s head. The huge fish eyes tend to swivel in different directions when observing an area or creature. The hands and feet are very long, with three fingers and an opposing digit, partially webbed. The legs and arms are short for the body size. Its coloration is pale grey, with undertones of tan or yellow in males only. The skin has a sheen from its slimy covering. The color darkens when the Y’ha-nthlei is angry and pales when it is badly frightened. A strong odor of dead fish follows it around.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
16 8
(2 Hit Dice)
walk 45 ft
swim 90 ft
Appearing 2d12
Habitat Coastal,Fresh Water,Salt Water,Swamp,Underground
Negotiation yes
Morale DC 7
Challenge 0.6 (180 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

1 1 0 -1 -1 -2


Has 1 attack. Hit Bonus +2. Damage 1d4 +3 damage

Special Defense

Fishmen are totally immune to poison and are not affected by paralysis. Electrical attacks cause half damage, magic missiles cause only 1 point of damage and illusions are useless against them.


Individual: None

Lair: 2d10 GP, 1d8 SP, 50% of jewelry of 100GP value