Very Rare | Medium | Evil | Monstrous Humanoids

The Ood stand about 6 feet tall and have hideous mauve skin that glistens with slime. The head resembles an octopus, with white eyes (no pupils are evident) and four tentacles around its mouth, a round, many-toothed orifice like that of a lamprey. The creature has three reddish fingers and a thumb on each hand.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
15 32
(8.0 Hit Dice)
50 feet
Appearing d4
Habitat Underground, Extraplanar
Intelligence Genius
Negotiation Yes
Morale DC 5 (Run at 25% Hit Points)
Challenge 6.5 (1,274 XP per monster)


Has 2 attacks. Hit Bonus +8. Damage Per Weapon damage

Special Attack

An Ood’s preferred method of attack is the mind blast, projected in a cone 60 feet long, 5 feet wide at the head and 20 feet wide at the opposite end. All within the cone must make a Constitution DC 15 Save or be stunned and unable to act for 3d4 rounds.

Special Defense

An Ood can also use the following arcane powers, one per round, as a 7th-level mage: suggestion, charm person, charm monster, ESP, levitate, astral projection, and plane shift. All savings against these powers are made at a -4, due to the creature’s mental prowess.


Individual: 1d10 gp

Lair: 2d10 Gems worth 100gp, d4 magical items