Catfolk Character Ancestry

Catfolk are a humanoid creature, known for their agility and cunning nature. They are often found in mystical forests and hidden cities, where their feline attributes allow them to move with ease through the trees and shadows. Their fur ranges from sleek and shiny to thick and shaggy, with an array of colors and patterns that are unique to each individual. Some are even said to possess mystical powers, able to manipulate the elements or communicate with the spirits of the wild.

Catfolk are fiercely independent and prideful, valuing their freedom above all else. They are skilled hunters and warriors, using their sharp claws and teeth to defend themselves and their allies. Their keen senses and instincts make them exceptional trackers and scouts, able to detect even the slightest movement or sound. However, their pride can sometimes lead them to be stubborn and reckless, causing them to take risks that others may find too dangerous.

Catfolk have adapted to survive in the harsh conditions that now exist. They have learned to scavenge and hunt in order to find food and resources, and have become skilled at avoiding the dangers that lurk in the ruins of civilization. Their agility and quick reflexes make them excellent survivors, able to escape danger and avoid detection when needed. But even in these dark times, their pride and independence remain unbroken, and they continue to cherish their freedom and wild nature.

Ability Score Caps: Catfolk cannot exceed +3 in any ability except for Dexterity, where they can have up to a +4. Due to their small size, strength cannot exceed +1.

Ability Score Max: Catfolk have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 3 – 4 foot tall, 75 – 100 lbs

Speed: 90 feet

Languages: Common

Special Racial Abilities:

  • Darkvision: 60 feet
  • Land on your feet. When falling, roll a Dexterity vs 10 save for half damage.
  • Climbing. Gain a +3 bonus to climbing checks
  • Catlike Reflexes. You may add half your ability focus bonus, rounded up, to your initiative rolls.
  • Feline Empathy. You can communicate simple ideas with feline creatures, such as cats, lions, and tigers.
  • Claws. Unarmed attacks do 1d4 (+strength) damage.

Class Restrictions: Catfolk may only choose from AssassinBarbarianThief or Ranger

Limitations or Restrictions: 

  • A catfolk may wear any kind of armor, and may use a shield. However, their armor and shields must be specially made for their small size (doubling the list price). Even dwarf-sized armor is too large for them.
  • A catfolk may only use a weapon weighing 3lbs or less (such as a dagger, short sword, or short bow), and may not use two-handed swords, longbows, battle-axes, pole-arms, or other large weapons.

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