Barbarian fighters are fierce warriors who come from the untamed wilderness of the fantasy world. They have learned to live off the land, hunting and foraging to survive in the harsh environment. From a young age, they are taught to fight with whatever weapons they can find, and their physical strength and agility are honed through constant exercise and training.

As they grow older, barbarians become more skilled in combat, using their brute force and savage instincts to overpower their enemies. They are fearless in battle and can endure pain and hardship that would cripple other fighters. With their wild and free spirits, barbarians are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and their ferocity and determination make them valuable allies to any party.

Ability Focus: Strength

Hit Points: d12

Ancestries Allowed: Draco, Faun, Halfling, Human, Ratling or Wolfin

Starting Reputation: +1

Bonuses and Abilities

Rage Attack

At level 4 the barbarian gains a rage attack. Any attack that hits an enemy, can be followed up by an attack at DISADVANTAGE and continues until an attack misses. Barbarians can only Rage a maximum of 1/2 their level rounded up times before requiring a long rest to use the ability again.

Epic Strike

At level 4 the barbarian gains an epic strike. Summoning all of his power to add another d8 damage to one attack per combat encounter.

NOTE: Barbarians are a superstitious bunch and won’t touch a magic item

Wilderness Survival

When a barbarian reaches level 4, they gain the Wilderness Survival skill, which allows them to survive and thrive in the wild. This skill includes hunting, foraging, shelter building, and finding clean water sources. The barbarian gains an advantage when searching for any of these items.

Starting Equipment

a backpack, a bedroll, a flint and steel, rope, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a water skin.

Starting Money

All characters start with 2d4 x 10 gold pieces

At Level 2 (2,000+ Experience Points)

Gain hit points by rolling 1d12 + Constitution and adding it to your total hit points

At Level 3 (4,000+ Experience Points)

Gain hit points by rolling 1d12 + Constitution and adding it to your total hit points

Increase Ability Focus to 2

At Level 4 (8,000+ Experience Points)

Gain hit points by rolling 1d12 + Constitution and adding it to your total hit points

Gain Rage Attack ability

Gain Epic Strike ability

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  1. Alepsis

    Got it, so classes only get special upgrades until level 4, right? Also, do you happen to have a Discord? I would like to try out this system but might have several questions.

    1. Avatar photo
      A J

      Feel free to use Wizzo (bottom right corner of this page) to ask questions or you can always email me.

      1. Alepsis

        I used the wizard to ask this and it referred me to DnD, that’s why I ended up asking here. Where can I get your email?

        Wizard Answer:
        Cavaliers gain abilities such as Extra Attack, Ability Score Improvements, and Extra Attack as they level up beyond level 4. You can find more details in the Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks or online resources.

  2. Alepsis Alvarez

    Do characters only get to level 4? Why is there no more info after the At Level 4?

    1. Avatar photo
      A J

      They continue to increase per the leveling rules. The level 1-4 is only to make it easier to understand. After 4th level the character advancement is more about finding special items, wealth and hiring help.

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