Armor comes in many shapes and sizes. The better the armor, the higher your AC number. Magical armor and shields can raise the AC number even further. In additional armor class bonuses stack. You can use a magic armor +2 AND a magic shield +2 for a combined AC bonus of +4. Dragon Hide Armor is nonmagical, but rare and effective.

Name Magic Armor Class Value (Gold) Weight
Leather Armor +5 20,000 10 lbs
Dragon Hide Armor +6 30,000 20 lbs
Chain Mail Armor +7 40,000 35 lbs
Mithril Mail Armor +7 60,000 15 lbs
Plate Mail Armor +8 80,000 50 lbs
Shield +2 10,000 2 lbs

Cursed Armor

A cursed armor will cause the player to subtract one from the normal NON-MAGICAL armor class of the armor. Once a cursed armor is used in battle, it may not be thrown away. If it is stolen or sold, the character is cursed with the desire to get it back. The character will always use that armor when in battle. (DM, tell the player that this is what the character wants and no arguments!) Only a high level NPC magic-user or cleric can help a character be rid of the curse. After the curse is removed, the armor will become “normal” armor.


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