Amulet of Health

This magic necklace grants the wearer a constitution bonus of +1.

Amulet of Mighty Fists

A magical necklace which, when worn, bestows a bonus of +1 “to hit” on all weaponless physical attacks.

Bag of Holding

A most wonderful item, this is a bag larger on the inside than on the outside. This magical sack also reduces the apparent weight of the contents of the bag. A typical bag of holding can hold 200lbs and weigh only 15lbs to the carrier. Overloading the bag destroys both bag and contents, as does piercing the bag from either without or within. Turning a bag inside out empties all contents out onto the ground and the bag cannot be used again until it is turned back. A living creature can be placed into the bag but there is only enough air to sustain for 10 minutes, after which the creature will suffocate and die.

Belt of Dwarfkind

This magical girdle grants anyone putting it on a +4 to charisma when dealing with dwarfs, +2 charisma when dealing with halflings or gnomes, and -2 for all other races. If the wearer is not a dwarf, he or she also gains all the engineering based racial abilities of a dwarf (slanting passages, detect traps, et. al.); +1 constitution; and +2 on spell-like effects.

Belt of Giant Strength

This wide leather belt grants the wearer a strength bonus of +3 to +6 (1d4+2) on to hit rolls and +7 to +12 (1d6+6) on damage, except that it does not enhance to hit or damage rolls with missile weapons. However, while wearing the belt, a character may throw rocks as a hill giant does.

Boots of Elvenkind

Soft leather footwear which allows one to move silently, even in the worst of conditions such as a creaky stair. Chance of success varies from about 95% for the absolute worst conditions to 100% for most conditions.

Boots of Levitation

Allow the user to levitate or descend up to 20 ft per round, no limit on usage. These boots are not capable of lifting a total weight of more than about 600 lbs. Aerial agility level is only I.

Boots of Speed

When activated by clicking one’s heels together, the wearer’s movement speed is doubled and his or her AC improves by +2.

Bracers of Archery

Grant +2 to hit and +1 damage bonus for wearers with a bow or crossbow.

Bracers of Armor

When worn, this pair of armored wrist guards grant from +1 to +8 magical enhancement to the wearer’s AC, but only when the wearer wears no other armor, nor a shield.

Chime of Opening

Striking this magical chime causes whatever it is pointed at to open. The sound of the chime of opening affects all doors, lids, locks, portals, and valves. The magic of the chime will even dispel a hold portal or wizard lock if cast by a magic user below 15th level.

Cloak of Elvenkind

This neutral grey or green cloak appears normal until the hood is drawn up over the head. At that point the wearer becomes 100% invisible in natural outdoor settings, with effectiveness decreasing as natural growth decreases, down to about 95% in open fields. In most darkness or low light conditions in non-natural settings invisibility is still quite good, around 90% for dark urban settings and 95% for torch lit or dungeon settings. A wearer attempting to move stealthily in a brightly-lit area still gains 50% invisibility. 90% of these cloaks are sized for elf-size to man-size wearers. The remaining 10% are sized for halfling sized creatures (about 4 ft tall). This item requires careful adjudication by the GM.

Crystal Ball

This magic crystal sphere of about 6in diameter allows the user to see over any distance and even into other planes. The more well known to the user the person or place sought is, the higher the chance of success.

Deck of Many Things

A deck of many things is usually found in a box or leather pouch. Each deck contains a 20 cards or plaques made of ivory or vellum. Each is engraved with glyphs, characters, and sigils. As soon as one of these cards is drawn from the pack, its magic is bestowed upon the person who drew it, for better or worse. Each time a card is taken from the deck, it is replaced (making it possible to draw the same card twice) unless the draw is the Jester or the Fool, in which case the card is discarded from the pack. Roll d20 to select the card.

  1. Comet: The character must single-handedly defeat the next hostile monster or monsters encountered, or the benefit is lost. If successful, the character gains enough XP to attain the next experience level.
  2. Donjon: This card signifies imprisonment—either by the imprisonment spell or by some powerful being. All gear and spells are stripped from the victim in any case. Draw no more cards.
  3. Euryale: The medusa-like visage of this card brings a curse that only the Fates card or a deity can remove. The —1 penalty on all rolls is otherwise permanent.
  4. The Fates: This card enables the character to avoid even an instantaneous occurrence if so desired, for the fabric of reality is unraveled and respun. Note that it does not enable something to happen. It can only stop something from happening or reverse a past occurrence. The reversal is only for the character who drew the card; other party members may have to endure the situation.
  5. Fool: The payment of 10,000 XP and the redraw are mandatory. This card is always discarded when drawn, unlike all others except the Jester.
  6. Gem: Gain your choice of 25 pieces of jewelry or 50 gems. The jewelry is all gold set with gems, each piece worth 2,000 gp, and the gems are worth 1,000 gp each.
  7. Idiot: This card causes the drain of 1d4+1 points of Intelligence immediately. The additional draw is optional.
  8. Jester:Gain 10,000 XP or two more draws from the deck. This card is always discarded when drawn, unlike all others except the Fool. The redraws are optional.
  9. Key: Gain a special magic weapon. The magic weapon granted must be one usable by the character. It suddenly appears out of nowhere in the character’s hand.
  10. Knight: Gain the service of a 4th level cavalier. Thecavalier appears out of nowhere and serves loyally until death. He or she is of the same race (or kind) and gender as the character. This fighter can be taken as a cohort by a character with the Leadership feat.
  11. Moon: This card bears the image of a moonstone gem with the appropriate number of wishes shown as gleams therein; sometimes it depicts a moon with its phase indicating the number of wishes (full = four; gibbous = three; half = two; quarter = one). These wishes are the same as those granted by the 9th-level wizard spell and must be used within a number of minutes equal to the number received.
  12. Rogue: When this card is drawn, one of the character’s NPC friends (preferably a cohort) is totally alienated and made forever hostile. If the character has no cohorts, the enmity of some powerful personage (or community, or religious order) can be substituted. The hatred is secret until the time is ripe for it to be revealed with devastating effect.
  13. Ruin: As implied by its name, when this card is drawn, all non-magical possessions of the drawer are lost.
  14. Skull: A dread wraith appears. The character must fight it alone—if others help, dread wraiths appear to fight them as well. If the character is slain, she is slain forever and cannot be revived, even with a wish or a miracle.
  15. Star: The 2 points are added to any ability the character chooses. They cannot be divided among two abilities .
  16. Sun: Roll for a figurine of wondrous power and 50,000 XP.
  17. Talons: When this card is drawn, every magic item owned or possessed by the character is instantly and irrevocably lost, except for the deck.
  18. Throne: The character becomes a true leader in people’s eyes. The castle gained appears in any open area she wishes (but the decision where to place it must be made within 1 hour).
  19. Vizier: This card empowers the character drawing it with the one-time ability to call upon a source of wisdom to solve any single problem or answer fully any question upon her request. The query or request must be made within 1 year. Whether the information gained can be successfully acted upon is another matter entirely.
  20. The Void: This black card spells instant disaster. The character’s body continues to function, as though comatose, but her psyche is trapped in a prison somewhere—in an object on a far plane or planet, possibly in the possession of an outsider. A wish or a miracle does not bring the character back, instead merely revealing the plane of entrapment. Draw no more cards.

Drums of Panic

A pair of kettle drums about 18in around, mounted on stands. A simply-scribed “K” can be seen on both drum-heads when light hits the skin from a certain angle. When both drums are sounded all creatures more than 20 ft and less than 120 ft away are affected by a fear spell, saving throw for reduced effects. Creatures in the 20 ft safe zone are completely unaffected. The drums of panic can be sounded once per day.

Elemental Gem

An enchanted gem keyed to one of the four major Elemental Planes. Its appearance varies by plane. Air elemental gems are crystal clear, earth elemental gems are brown, re elemental gems are bright red, water elemental gems are turquoise. Smashing the gem releases a 16 hit dice elemental which will serve the player of its own free will and follow his or her commands to the best of its ability, including fighting any foe the player designates. The elemental lasts for 2 hours or until dispelled or destroyed.

Eversmoking Bottle

This plain bottle, when unstoppered, thick grey smoke begins to issue forth from the bottle. Vision within 50 ft of the bottle will be impossible in 1 round, and each consecutive round the radius of the smoke cloud increases 10 ft until a maximum of 100 ft has been reached. The smoke cannot be dispelled until the bottle is stoppered and the command word is spoken. The smoke dispels in about an hour, although a moderate wind will disperse the smoke in 5 rounds, and a gust of wind spell will remove it in 1 round.

Eyes of Petrifaction

This item is only effective when used in pairs, granting a petrifaction gaze attack 10 times per day. A DC 17 Con Save is allowed to negate effects.

Figurines of Wondrous Power

Tiny and skilfully carved statuettes of creatures in various materials and forms. When the figurine is placed or thrown on the ground and the command word spoken, the statuette becomes a living creature its form resembles. Destroying a statuette shatters the magic; killing the living creature it forms causes the creature to revert to its smaller, figu- rine form.

  • Bronze Griffon: Becomes a griffon under command of the user. This figurine can be used twice per week with a time of 6 hours per use. When this time expires or the command word is spoken, the griffin reverts to statuette form. Market value is 10,000 gp.
  • Ebony Fly: Becomes a fly the size of a pony with hit dice and movement rate of a hippogriff but unable to make any attacks. The fly can be used up to 3 times per week for 12 hours each use. Market value is 10,000 gp.
  • Golden Lions: These figurines always come in a pair, becoming normal adult male lions on command. The lions can be used once per day for up to 1 hour, though if slain in combat the lions are unusable for 1 week. Market value is 16,500 gp.
  • Ivory Goats: A trio of figurines, similar but distinct from one another and filling different functions. Market value is 21,000 gp.
    • The Goat of Travelling: A goat large enough to ride, with all the statistics and attacks of a heavy warhorse. This goat can travel for a cumulative 24 hours each week.
    • The Goat of Travail: Becomes a very large goat with the statistics of a nightmare plus two horn attacks for 1d8+4 each. The goat of travail also has a charging attack in which it can use its 2 horn attacks only but adding +6 damage to damage rolls. This figurine can be used once a month for up to 12 hours.
    • The Goat of Terror: This figurine becomes a goat large enough to ride, with the statistics of a light warhorse. The rider can use the goat’s horns as weapons. The left one functions as a lance +2 and the right as a +3 longsword. When ridden in combat the goat of terror radiates fear (as the spell) in a 30 ft radius. A save vs spells negates this. This figurine can be used once a fortnight for up to 3 hours total.
  • Marble Elephant: This particular figurine is larger than the others, about the size of an adult human hand. The command word causes the statuette to become a full grown elephant. The elephant can function as a beast of burden, a mount, or a combatant and will obey the user’s command. The marble elephant is usable four times per month for a period of up to 24 hours each use. Market value is 21,000 gp.
  • Obsidian Steed: Unlike the other figurines of wondrous power, this particular figurine appears as a shapeless black rock. Close inspection, however, will reveal a vague resemblance to a horse. Upon command this statuette becomes a heavy warhorse with the following special abilities, usable at will once each per round: first, the steed can fly up to 40 ft per round, 30 ft if rider is wear- ing heavy armor. Second, the obsidian steed can plane shift. Third, the mount and its rider (and equipment) can become æthereal. This statuette can be used once per week for up to 24 hours. Market value is 28,500 gp.
  • Onyx Dog: This statuette becomes a large dog similar to a war dog but with an intelligence of 8, the ability to track as a 10th level ranger, 60 ft infravision, and can see invisible. The onyx dog is large and strong enough to bear a small creature as a rider. Market value is 15,500 gp.
  • Silver Raven: Upon command this figurine becomes a raven but retains it silvery metallic surface, giving it an AC 0. The raven can be used as a magical messenger, capable of carrying a message or small token to a designated spot and awaiting the designated recipient of the message. The raven can maintain its animated status for up to 24 hours per week, cumulative. Market value is 3,800 gp.
  • Serpentine Owl: With the proper command word, this statuette becomes either a horned owl or a giant owl. This transformation can take place once per day for up to 8 hours. The owl will communicate all it sees and hears to its owner via telepathic means but, unfortunately, after three transformations into giant owl form, the statuette crumbles into useless dust. Market value is 9,100 gp.

Gauntlet of Rust

A single item. On a successful hit affects metal objects like a rust monster’s special attack. Protects all metal gear on the wearer’s person from all rust whether mundane or magical, even from a rust monster attack.

Gauntlets of Elements

These metal spiked gauntlets come in pairs (and only work in pairs) and, when used as the only weapon in hand-to-hand combat, offer a +2 to hit and one of the following damage:

  • Frost Strike – 2d4 cold damage
  • Fire – 2d4 fire damage
  • Electricity – 2d4 electrical damage

Gem of True Seeing

When looking through the gem the gazer can see all things as they actually are. They can see through normal and magical darkness, notice secret doors hidden by magic, see the exact locations of creatures or see invisible creatures or objects normally, see through illusions, and see the true form of polymorphed, changed, or transmuted things.

Gloves of Dexterity

Supple leather gloves. When both are worn the wearer receives a dexterity bonus of +2.

Harp of Charming

A harp that enables the performer to implant a suggestion into the minds of the listeners, at the rate of one suggestion every 10 minutes. Each listener may attempt a DC 17 Int Save for each suggestion attempted and anyone saving is immune to the harp for 24 hours.

Hat of Disguise

On command, alters the wearer’s appearance as per the change self spell. The hat alters itself to blend in with the disguise.

Helm of Telepathy

Grants the wearer the 2nd level arcane spell ESP, except the helm also allows two-way telepathic communication between the wearer of the helm and the mind being read. The helm can also implant a suggestion, per the spell (and saving throw allowed), once per day.

Horn of Blasting

When the command word is spoken and the horn sounded, a 40 ft cone of sonic energy deals 5d6 damage and deafens targets for 2d6 rounds. Saving throw vs wand negates deafening effect and halves damage. Any crystalline object within the area of effect takes 7d6 damage with no save allowed. The horn can be used as a musical instrument but if the blasting effect is used more than once within a 24 hour period there is a cumulative 20% chance the horn will explode, dealing 10d6 points of damage to the user (no save).

Horn of Fog

Creates a thick, vision obscuring fog covering a 10 ft cube starting next to the user and increasing 10 ft in a straight line each round the horn is blown. The fog can be blocked by any substantial structure such as a wall. The fog begins dissipating after 3 rounds and a moderate wind will disperse the fog in 4 rounds, a strong wind in 1 round.

Instant Fortress

A small metal cube approximately the size of a standard d6. When activated with the command word the cube takes 1 round to grow into a metal tower 20 ft square at the base and walls that are 30 ft high and extend another 10 ft into the ground. The tower will have arrow slits on all four sides and a crenellated battlement at the top. The door of the fortress will face the user and will easily open to his or her command; no other force of strength or magic will cause the door to open. The tower has 100 hit points and resists the first 20 points of damage from each attack. Damage to the fortress can only be repaired by means of a wish or miracle, up to 50 points per spell. Anyone standing near the cube at activation and struck by the rapid growth of the fortress takes 10d6 points of damage, save allowed vs petrifaction for half damage.

Deactivation of the fortress is by means of a command word, separate from the activation command word, and the fortress cannot be deactivated unless empty.

Lantern of Revealing

A hooded lantern, the light of which reveals all invisible objects and creatures within 25 ft. Note: invisibility is not removed. The magic invisibility is merely negated while the light of the lantern is shining on the object or creature.

Mask of the Skull

An ivory mask skillfully carved to a resemble a human skull. Once per day the wearer can command the mask to attack a target up to 50 ft away. The mask attacks with the same hit probability of the wearer and the target must make a DC 17 Con Save or be slain on the spot, even if the target makes their save they still take 3d6 +13 points of damage. After resolving its single attack the mask flies back to the owner. The mask of the skull is AC 20, hp 10, and must be worn for a minimum of one hour before it can be commanded to attack.

Mirror of Life Trapping

A magical trap in the guise of a 4 ft square mirror activated by hanging it on a wall and speaking the command word. Any creature within 30 ft of the activated mirror and unaware of the mirror’s true nature will see his or her reflection and be pulled bodily into the mirror. A DC 17 Con Save is allowed to avoid imprisonment. The trapped character leaves all carried and worn items behind and will be imprisoned in 1 of 15 extra-planar cells.

While imprisoned, the character is in stasis and requires no food, drink or air. He or she loses any innate powers or spell-like abilities.

Necklace of Proof Against Poison

A magical necklace granting immunity to poison, though any poison in the wearer’s system before using the periapt will still be active.

Necklace of Wisdom

A magical necklace which increases the wearer’s wisdom by +1.

Pipes of Haunting

This magical set of pan pipes can be used twice per day to produce music which causes fear to anyone within 30 ft who has less than 6 HD. DC 18 vs WIS to avoid the effects.

Portable Hole

A deep black cloth that, when unfolded onto a flat surface, forms a 6 ft diameter and 10 ft deep hole. Items placed in the hole are stored safely and the cloth is of negligible weight when folded up, regardless of the weight of its contents. The portable hole can be closed by taking the edges of the cloth and folding it up. This can be done from without or within the hole. Folded up, there is enough air for 1 medium or 2 small creatures for about 10 minutes. The extra-planar space of a portable hole is not compatible with similar devices, such as a bag of holding. If either of these items is placed within the other a portal opens and sucks everyone within 10 feet into the abyss.

Robe of the Archmagi

A magical garment which grants the following powers to any wizard.

  • AC+5
  • +4 to Save Rolls vs Spells
  • +2 to Spell Checks

Rope of Entanglement

This item appears as an ordinary 30 ft long hemp rope. The rope can be commanded to entangle any victim up to 20 ft away or 10 ft above. The entangled victim must successfully roll a bend iron bars on the strength table to escape. The rope has an AC of -2 and 12 hp. The rope of entanglement resists the first 5 points of damage from all slashing attacks and can repair itself at a rate of 1 hp every 5 minutes. If the rope reaches zero hit points it is permanently destroyed.

Slippers of Spider Climbing

Supple footwear that grants the ability for the wearer to climb all surfaces and even move upside down across ceilings at a rate of 20 ft. The wearer is “hands free” when climbing with the slippers. Any condition which would make normal walking on a horizontal surface hazardous, e.g. ice, grease, or oil of slipperiness, will render the slippers useless. The slippers can be used 10 minutes cumulative per 24 hour day.

Wings of Flying

Upon command, this cape will transform itself into a pair of wings, allowing the wearer to fly at 60 ft movement rate

Whistle of Laughter

When this whistle is blown an unfortunate flatulence sound is produced.  Every humanoid with 30 feet must make a DC 12 Wisdom Save or perceive everything as hilariously funny. Falling into fits of laugher for 2d3 rounds falling prone, and becoming Incapacitated and unable to stand up for the Duration.


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