Potions are usually found in small glass vials, similar to Holy Water. Each potion has a different smell and taste even two potions with the same effect! Unless stated otherwise, the effect of a potion lasts 7-12 turns. Only you, the DM, should know the exact duration, and you should keep track of it when the potion is used. The entire potion must be drunk to have this effect. A potion may be sipped to discover its type and then used later. Drinking a potion takes one round. Sipping a potion does not decrease its effect or duration.

If a character drinks a potion while another potion is still in effect, that character will become sick and will be unable to do anything (no save) for 3 turns (1/2 hour) and neither potion will have any further effect. A potion of healing has no duration (for this calculation).

Animal Friendship

When you drink this potion, you can cast the animal friendship spell (DC 13) for 1 hour at will.


Anyone taking this potion will immediately shrink to 6 inches height, and can do no damage when physically attacking a creature larger than 1 foot. The user can slip through small cracks and has a 90% chance of not being seen when standing still. This potion will negate a potion of growth.

Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life will restore a dead creature to life as if by a resurrection spell. Subsequently a living creature who consumes the potion will automatically be resurrected the next time they are killed.

Elixir of Madness

A single sip of this elixir causes the imbiber to go mad, as if affected by the 4th-level wizard spell, confusion, until a heal, restoration, or wish spell is used to remove the madness. Once any creature is affected by the elixir, the remaining draught loses all magical properties, becoming merely a foul-tasting liquid.


This potion will have the same effect as the magic-user spell ESP. The user may “hear”the thoughts (if any) of one creature within 60 feet by concentrating for one full turn in one direction.The user may “hear” through 2 feet of rock, but a thin coating of lead will block the ESP.

Gaseous Form

Upon drinking this potion, the user’s body will take the form of a cloud of gas. Anything the user is carrying or wearing will fall through the gaseous body to land on the floor. The user will keep control over his or her body, and can move through small holes in walls, chests, and so forth. Any creature or character in gaseous form cannot attack, but has an AC of 22 and cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons.


This potion causes the user to grow to twice normal size, temporarily increasing Strength (+4) and giving the ability to inflict double damage (twice the amount rolled) on any successful hit. The user’s hit points, however, will not increase. This potion will negate a potion of diminution.


Like the clerical cure light wounds spell, drinking this potion will restore 1d8 +1 lost hit points or will cure paralysis for one creature. A more rare version of this potion restored 2d4 +2 hit points.


This potion will have the same effects as the magic-user spell invisibility. The potion will make the user invisible. When a character becomes invisible, all the items (but not other creatures) carried and worn by that character also become invisible. Any invisible item will become visible once again when it leaves the character’s possession (is set down, dropped, and so forth). The DM may allow players to drink small amounts of this potion 6 times, each drink being effective but only for 1 turn.


Drinking this potion will have the same effects as the magic-user spell levitation. The user may move up or down in the air without any support. This potion does not enable the user to move side-to-side. The user could, however, levitate to a ceiling and move sideways by pushing or pulling. Motion up or down is at a rate of 60 feet per round.


Poisons look like normal magic potions. If any amount of this potion is swallowed, even a sip, the character must make a CON Save 12 or die! (If you wish, you may decide that the poison will do a set amount of damage if the Save is failed.)


When you drink this potion, you gain resistance (half damage or automatic saves) to one type of damage for 1 hour. The DM chooses the type or determines it randomly from the options below.

Damage Types: Acid, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Poison, Psychic, Radiant, or Thunder


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