Magic rings appear indistinguishable from ordinary finger jewelry of varying types, though a detect magic spell cast upon them will cause them to radiate a magic aura. With the exception of a wish spell, the only way to determine the function of a magic ring is to put it on. A maximum of two rings can be worn by any PC or NPC at a time; only one ring may be worn per hand. Attempting to wear additional magic rings will render all worn magical rings useless. Magic rings worn on toes or as earrings will not function.

Magic Rings

Ring of Feather Falling

The wearer of this ring is protected by a feather fall spell any time he or she falls more than 5 ft.

Ring of Invisibility

When donned, this ring grants the wearer the ability to become instantly invisible at will as per the 2nd level magic user spell. There is a 10% chance the ring has the secondary effect of making the user inaudible as well. Just as attacking while invisible negates invisibility, so does speaking while inaudible break the inaudibility feature.

Ring of Protection

This useful item increases the wearer’s AC and saving throw vs all forms of attack. The protective properties of the ring are cumulative with other forms of protection (bless, for instance) subject to the following limitations: if magic armor is worn the wearer’s AC will not be increased, though the saving throw bonus will still apply. Also, only one ring of protection may be worn at a time. If two are worn, the stronger of the two will function. Rings vary from +1 to +5.

Ring of Swimming

This silver ring has a wave pattern etched into the band. It continually grants the wearer a +5 bonus to swimming checks.

Ring of Water Walking

This ring grants the ability to walk upon the surface of any liquid without sinking into it at the wearer’s normal rate of movement. This includes but is not limited to running water, snow, quicksand, oil, mud, or even lava (though heat damage would still apply). The wearer’s feet do not actually contact the surface of the liquid but semi-solid liquids such as snow or mud will show vaguely footprint-like depressions evidencing the wearer’s passing. The ring has a weight limit of 1,250 lbs.


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