shriekerUncommon | Small | Neutral | Plants

Shriekers look like giant mushrooms.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
13 12
(3.0 Hit Dice)
9/3 feet
Appearing d8
Habitat Underground
Intelligence Non-intelligent or not ratable
Negotiation No
Morale DC 8 (Never Run)
Challenge 0.98 (191 XP per monster)


Has 1 attack. Hit Bonus +1. Damage none damage

Special Attack

They react to light (within 60’) and movement (within 30’) by emitting a piercing shriek which lasts for 1-3 rounds. For each round of shrieking, the DM should roll ld6; any result of 4-6 indicates that a wandering monster has heard the noise, and will arrive in 2-12 rounds.


Individual: None

Lair: None


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