This is a full and complete list of all of the rules in Cresthaven RPG.

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Skill Focus PC level / 2 rounded up added to one ability
Strength Damage, Hit Bonus, Pulling, Pushing or Lifting.
Intelligence Knowledge, Disguise, Recall, Appraisals
Dexterity Armor Class, Acrobatics, Balance, Climbing, Ranged Hit Bonus
Wisdom Listening, Hiding and Searching Checks
Constitution Hit Point, Stamina and Resurrection Checks
Charisma Morale, Negotiation, and Leadership Checks
Difficulty Checks d20 + Ability Score >= target DC
Very Easy (0) Notice something large in plain sight
Easy (5) Climb a knotted rope
Average (10) Hear a loud approaching guard
Tough (15) Rig a wagon wheel to fall off
Challenging (20) Swim in stormy water
Formidable (25) Open a good lock
Heroic (30) Leap across a 30-foot chasm
Nearly Impossible (40) Track a squad of Orcs across hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall
Notice (passive) Wisdom + Wisdom Ability Focus + 10
Heroics Before roll: Gain Advantage. After roll: reroll or one additional action in combat. Healing Surge: roll your hit dice and heal that amount.
Advantage 2d20 take highest roll (disadvantage take lowest)
Team Work d20 with Advantage + highest party ability bonus
Magic Mana Level + Ability Bonus (and focus)
Self Sacrifice Use Hit Points for Mana
Max Weight Strength +4 x 25 lbs
Carry Weight greater than 1/2 max weight = 1/2 movement
Blinded No range attacks, -10 to AC, Enemies attack with advantage
Charmed Protect charmer, save DC 20 vs Wisdom
Dazed Lose next attack, enemies attack with advantage
Immobilized Movement 0′
Invisible +10 to AC, Attack with advantage, cannot be targeted by range
Paralysis Enemies auto hit + crit, save DC 20 vs Constitution
Perpetual Damage Deal damage at the start of each round
Prone -2 to hit, enemies attack with advantage, stand up 1 round
Slowed Movement 1/2 normal
Stunned Enemies attack with advantage, save DC 15 vs Constitution
Unconscious No actions, Enemies auto hit + crit
Armor Class Number needed to hit
Shield +1 to Armor class
Light Cover +3 to Armor class, 50% coverage
Full Cover +5 to Armor class, 90% coverage
Full Dodge d20 + Dexterity vs attacker roll, dodger lose next attack
Encounter d20 + Highest Charisma vs Reaction Chart
Attack result 1 – 3
Possible Attack result 4 – 9 (reroll – 5)
Uncertain result 10 – 15 Roll Again
Possibly Friendly result 16 – 19 (reroll + 5)
Friendly result 20+
Negotiation If the player speaks the monster’s language – d20 – 10+ monster talks
Combat Round  
Surprise d20 + Wisdom vs Highest Party Notice
Declare Party Actions Flee, Fight, Talk
Declare Player Actions Melee Attack, Range Attack, Spell, Move
Initiative d20 highest to lowest
Melee Attack d20 + Hit Bonus vs Armor Class
Ranged Attacks +1 short range, +0 normal range, -5 at long range
Cast Spell DC 10 + Spell Level vs d20 + Intelligence – auto hit. Spell save DC 10 + Spell Level
Morale Checks DC 20 + Morale or flee
Death Save DC 20 vs Constitution
Healing Heal 1 Hit Dice / Hour
Resting 8 hours – recovered (level #) x Hit Dice health, restore all mana
Level Experience Needed
1st 0
2nd 2000
3rd 4000
4th 8000
5th 16000
6th 32000
7th 64000
8th 128000
9th 256000
10th 512000

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