Brian Glad Thomas – Troglodyte
  • Armor Class: 15
  • Hit Dice: 2 HP
  • Hit Bonus: +2
  • Damage: 1d6+2
  • Movement: 30 feet
  • Morale Save: +16
  • Experience: 400
  • Number Appearing: 1d6+6
  • Negotiation: Yes
  • Loot: Club, 1d3 javelins, 2d10 GP

The troglodyte is a feral, savage cave dweller. They are among the most populous denizens of the upper reaches of the endless caverns of the underworld, equally at home raiding the settlements of those who dwell above or below ground, yet for all their race’s fecundity and sprawl, as a whole they represent only a minor threat.

Special: Aura of Stench – DC13 vs CON or vomit for 2d4 rounds.


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