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Bonds are the secret sauce that binds a group of adventurers together, transforming them from a random assortment of individuals into a unified party with shared goals, intertwined destinies, and collective stories. In the tumultuous world of Cresthaven, these connections are the beams of light that pierce the heavy shadows, providing guidance, comfort, and strength to weary adventurers navigating the paths of uncertainty and danger.

Bonds are concise statements that define your character’s relationship with another member of the adventuring party. They offer insight into your character’s feelings, past interactions, obligations, or destiny with another character, enriching the role-play experience and adding depth to the narrative.

As you embark on your journey, take a moment to reflect on your character’s bonds with their comrades. Complete each sentence with the name of a fellow adventurer, breathing life into the complex web of relationships that will unfold in the tales to come. Feel the pulse of the connections that surge like hidden rivers through the heart of your group, and let these bonds guide your steps in the world of Cresthaven.

Below are bond options tailored for specific character classes. Embrace them, and let the adventure begin!


  1. __________ is bold in battle, a worthy ally to fight alongside me.
  2. The wilderness whispers say __________ is brave, facing danger with a roar!
  3. __________ reminds me more of a frightened rabbit than a warrior!
  4. My tribe’s ancient stories have been shared with __________, a trusted friend.
  5. __________, with muscles like pudding, needs my protection the most.
  6. I have danced the warrior’s dance beneath the moon with __________.


  1. In the clashing of swords, I trust __________ to guard my back.
  2. My shield is always ready to defend __________.
  3. __________ wears honor like a second skin, a true companion in arms.
  4. ___________ doesn’t know a hilt from a point. Much training is needed!
  5. I have sipped wine with __________ in the king’s court.
  6. I fear ___________ wouldn’t last a day in armor!


  1. __________ moves with the silence of the forest breeze, a fellow stalker in the wild.
  2. In __________’s eyes, I see the glint of a fellow nature lover.
  3. Alas! ___________ tramples like an ox through the delicate wilderness.
  4. I have whispered the language of the wolves to ___________.
  5. ___________ knows not the songs of the birds and the whispers of the trees.
  6. Together, __________ and I have followed the stars to safety.


  1. My prayers often whisper the name of __________.
  2. I see the light of faith kindling in __________’s eyes.
  3. Alas, __________ scoffs at the sacred, a soul adrift.
  4. In my deepest meditations, I have seen visions of __________.
  5. __________ clings to shadows, a spirit in need of salvation.
  6. I have washed __________ in the light of my deity, a cleansing embrace.


  1. __________ gawks at my magic like a child at fireworks.
  2. The arcane whispers have been shared with __________, a keen mind.
  3. Beware! __________ squints suspiciously at my spellwork, a seed of fear planted.
  4. I trust __________ with the delicate dance of my incantations.
  5. __________’s curiosity about my arts is as insatiable as a dragon’s hunger for gold.
  6. Would __________ dare to peer into the boundless abyss of the arcane with me?


  1. __________ walks with the soft tread of the forest’s children, a kin spirit.
  2. To __________, I have whispered the language of the leaves and wind.
  3. __________ blunders, a tempest in the tranquil glades of nature.
  4. I have entrusted __________ with the secrets of the stone and stream.
  5. __________ withers the verdant embrace of the earth with every step.
  6. With __________, I would share the moon’s silvery embrace in a midnight meadow.


  1. __________ is a shadow, welcome on any stealthy escapade.
  2. My nimble secrets have been slipped to __________, a quiet companion.
  3. Alack! __________ clanks and clatters like a bag of pots and pans!
  4. I’d trust __________ to spot the hidden wire of a deadly trap.
  5. I smirk as __________ obliviously stands atop a trapdoor.
  6. With __________, I would share the moon’s hushed tales in the silent night.


  1. __________ sways like a leaf in the breezy dance of my words.
  2. Ah! __________ has seen through my silvery web of deception.
  3. A challenge! __________’s mind is a fortress, impervious to sly whispers.
  4. __________, a partner in the delicate art of influence and persuasion.
  5. To __________, I’ve bared the theatre of my many masked faces.
  6. Would __________ walk with me through the labyrinth of lies and truth?


  1. __________ would recoil from the dark art I wield.
  2. In the velvet veil of night, __________ knows my deadliest secrets.
  3. __________ peers too closely, a threat to my shadow’s embrace.
  4. Never would my venomous kiss seek __________, a sacred bond unbroken.
  5. __________ sleeps unknowing atop a web of whispers and daggers.
  6. With __________, the night’s shrouded dance is a symphony of silence and secrets.

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