I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for new magic items and I’m really loving the idea that tech is magic. Not today’s technology, but maybe technology that is 10-50 years into the future. Obviously this brings the whole setting into question (what happened that everything is wilderness now? where did these’s other species come from?)

Things like:

  • Magic sphere – (force field emitter)
  • Boots of speed (Healeys or roller skates)
  • Flashlight
  • Glow rod (stun / taiser)
  • Folding tent (just a modern tent ultra compact)
  • Knowledge box – (Alexa?)
  • Backpack of many pockets (just a high tech backpack that makes finding items instant)
  • Door scanner (glow rock hand print lock)
  • Pocket fortress port o’ fort (a more “military grade” tent)
  • Mask of water breathing (scuba mask)
  • Boots of swimming (fins)
  • Box of magic detection (geiger counter)
  • Staff of metal detection – metal detector
  • Straw Of purification – think life straw
  • Substance Box (for turning anything into a nourishing pill)
  • Telescopic goggles
  • Infravision goggles (nightvision)

What do you think? Ideas? Thoughts? Post a comment below!


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