Dear Cresthaven RPG Adventurers,

We at Cresthaven RPG are thrilled to announce our plans to embark on a new quest: the creation of a physical Cresthaven RPG rulebook! To ensure this tome becomes an invaluable companion on your tabletop journeys, we’re seeking your esteemed input.

Your Feedback is Critical

We’ve crafted a brief survey to gather your preferences on various aspects of the print edition. Your insights will be instrumental in shaping this resource into a cornerstone of your Cresthaven RPG experience.

The Survey

  1. Format: Would you prefer the durability of a hardcover edition or the portability of a softcover edition?
  2. Structure: Do you envision a single, comprehensive core rulebook, or a segmented approach with separate volumes for the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual?
  3. Adventure Seeds: Should the printed edition include a selection of pre-written adventures to ignite your campaign, or prioritize a focus on the core rules and setting information?
  4. The World of Cresthaven: Do you desire the inclusion of comprehensive details for the Village of Cresthaven within the main rulebook, or prefer a dedicated setting guide?
  5. Physical Dimensions: For optimal portability, would you favor a compact 6×9 format, or prioritize the clarity and reference ease of a larger 8.5×11 edition?
  6. Visual Style: Do you envision the world brought to life through classic black and white artwork, or yearn for the immersive vibrancy of full-color illustrations?
  7. Pricing Considerations: Considering the chosen format and content, what price range would you consider fair for a Cresthaven RPG print edition?
  8. Optimization Inspiration: In your experience, which tabletop RPG systems have impressed you with their user-friendly and well-organized content within their printed editions?

Join the Conversation!

By sharing your preferences in the comments below, you’ll play a vital role in shaping the Cresthaven RPG print edition into a treasured resource for your adventures. We look forward to collaborating with you to forge a physical companion worthy of epic legends!


The Cresthaven RPG Team

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    A J

    Format: hardcover edition
    Structure: comprehensive core rulebook
    Adventure Seeds: include a selection of pre-written adventures
    The World of Cresthaven: yes!
    Physical Dimensions: 6×9 format
    Visual Style: classic black and white artwork
    Pricing Considerations: under $50
    Optimization Inspiration: looking at some of the boardgame rpgs

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