The Adventurer’s Guild is a place of wonder and opportunity for those brave enough to seek it out. Located at the end of Main Street in the Village of Cresthaven, the small, run-down building with a sign above the door may seem unremarkable to some, but for those in the know, it is the gateway to glory and adventure.

As you enter the single-room hall, you are greeted by the sight of plaques and busts of local monsters killed, and trophies collected by the current Guildmaster, Sir Wolfsbain. The atmosphere is charged with the excitement of adventurers preparing for their next quest, and the sound of weapons being sharpened can be heard in the background.

Upon the northern wall, a Bulletin Board of quests is posted, ranging from simple errands to dangerous excursions deep into the unknown. And on the long table is the Adventurer’s Logbook, a record of those who have joined the guild by signing their name and donating 1 silver piece. Sir Wolfsbain is known to be familiar with the nearby threats and has been known to rescue foolhardy members who find themselves in over their heads.

The guild hall is also home to a weekly Knucklebones game, where adventurers meet to swap stories and boast of their exploits. At any given time, there is a 10% chance that another adventurer is present, making it a great opportunity to find potential allies for your next quest. And those who impress with their tales may even be recruited into the elite ranks of the Iron Guard.

But the Guild is more than just a place to find quests and companions. Help is always available from other adventurers as hirelings and henchmen. Need help attacking a dungeon? Or maybe carrying all of that treasure? This is the place to find a helping hand.

The Guild Hall opens at dawn and closes once night falls, making it the perfect spot for those restless souls seeking their next adventure.

Sir Wolfsbain

Sir Wolfsbain, the Guildmaster, is a 65-year-old former adventurer who enjoys strong drink, yodeling, and running. He is rough and kind, but can also be very drunk and a bit sleepy. Physically, Wolfsbain is not in great shape. He needs to lose quite a lot of weight. He is average height with pale skin, black hair, and blue eyes. He has a severe phobia of worms, which may seem odd to some, but only adds to the colorful and unique characters you can encounter at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Level 5 Human Cavalier
H.P. 32 – A.C. 15
2 Attacks with a Long Sword: +4 to hit, 1d8 +4 Damage

Quest Board
  • Wanted Dead or Alive – Bone Crusher, Orc Chieftain to the south! Warning: very heavily armed and dangerous. Has many henchmen. Reward: 1,000gp
  • Exterminator needed: I’ve got a mess of rats in my basement. Bring me 10 rat tails in return for payment. Inquire at the Cross Arms.
  • Goblin encampment: A goblin encampment has appeared in the Southern part of town across the ravine. They’ve been there for days and don’t seem to be aggressive, but we can’t be so sure. Find out what they’re doing — if they’re a threat, please dispatch with them.
  • A Wandering Skeleton has been seen in the graveyard. It appears armed with a sword, shield and horned helmet. Reward: 100pg at the Temple
  • The Iron Guard needs your skills! Join us to fight the good fight!
  • Local spell caster looking for lab “assistant.” Intelligence not required, but a high resistance to pain appreciated. Inquire at the Oddities Shoppe

Knucklebones is a game of chance that features four bones, each taken from the ankle of a sheep, with each bone possessing four sides, each of a different shape. Each long side—convex, sinuous, flat, and concave, respectively—is given a different value, typically 1, 3, 4, and 6. Players roll the bones like dice, and add together their score for the round based on which side of each bone lands facing upwards. It’s a great way for adventurers to unwind and share their stories with others who understand the dangers and thrills of the world they inhabit.

Iron Guard
The Iron Guard is a renowned group of adventurers known to recruit from those who have proven themselves within the Adventurer’s Guild. Their mission is to stem the tides of evil that wash from the Wildlands, and their members are sent out on quests to clear monster nests, clear ruins, or patrol the High Road in an effort to reclaim the world for civilization. Becoming a member of the Iron Guard is the dream of many adventurers, and the Guild is the first step on that path.

Dungeon Masters

The Adventurer’s Guild can be a great way to introduce players to the game world and provide them with a variety of quests to choose from. By providing detailed information, clues, and rewards, you can help make each quest feel exciting and immersive, and keep your players engaged and motivated.

Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

  1. Establish Sir Wolfsbain’s character: Before the players meet Sir Wolfsbain, give them a brief description of what he looks like and how he behaves. You can emphasize his rough and kind nature, his love for strong drink and yodeling, and his tendency to doze off. Make sure to mention his phobia of worms – this could be a great opportunity for players to come up with creative ways to overcome any obstacles related to worms.
  2. Make the bulletin board and logbook interesting: To make the bulletin board and logbook more exciting for players, you could add some flavor text or illustrations to the quests. Maybe the quest to hunt down Bone Crusher has a rough sketch of the orc chieftain, or the exterminator quest has a drawing of a rat with glowing red eyes. You could also come up with rumors or stories about the quests to entice the players.
  3. Roleplay the interaction: When the players approach Sir Wolfsbain to inquire about the quests, try to embody his character and speak in a way that feels appropriate for him. You could use a gruff, low voice and intersperse yodels into his speech. You can also use this opportunity to give the players more information about the world and any relevant NPCs.
  4. Incorporate the Knucklebones game: If the players are interested in participating in the Knucklebones game, make sure to describe the game and how it works. You can add some details to make the game feel more unique, such as special Knucklebones dice or an exotic location where the game takes place. This could be a great opportunity for the players to meet other adventurers and learn more about the world.

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