mummyRare | Medium | Lawful evil | Undead

Wrapped from head to toe in ancient strips of moldering linen, this humanoid moves with a shuffling gait.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
17 24
(6 Hit Dice)
walk 60 ft
Appearing 2d4
Habitat Desert,Underground
Negotiation no
Morale DC 5
Challenge 2 (600 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

3 -1 2 -2 0 1


Has 1 attack. Hit Bonus +6. Damage Claw. 1d12 damage

Special Attacks

Fear. Wisdom DC 16 save or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.

Disease. The touch of a mummy causes a wasting disease which will cause death within 1d6 months. Each month of affliction, the victim loses 2 points of charisma, and while diseased no cure wound spells will have effect and any wounds will heal at a 10% rate and can only be cured by a cure disease spell.

Special Defense

A mummy cannot be harmed by normal weapons, sleep, hold spells, charm spells, and cold based attacks., poison, paralysis and magical weapons do only half damage. Fire on the other hand; a torch will deal 1d3 hp damage, a flask of burning oil causes 1d8 hp per round and magic fire is +1 to damage. Holy water inflicts 2d4 hp per vial that hits.


Individual: None

Lair: 1d8×1,000 cp (10%), 1d12×1,000 sp (15%), 1d6×1,000 gp (50%), 1d10 gems (30%), 1d6 jewellery (25%), any 2 magic item + 1 potion (15%)



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