wightUncommon | Medium | Neutral evil | Undead

Wraiths are shadowy, man-like shapes, dark and indistinct. They are insubstantial undead creatures that exist partially in the negative material plane.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
15 20
(5 Hit Dice)
walk 120 ft
fly 240 ft
Appearing 2d6
Habitat Any
Negotiation no
Morale DC 5
Challenge 2.4 (720 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

-2 3 0 1 2 2


Has 1 attack. Hit Bonus +5. Damage Touch. 1d6 +5 damage

Special Attacks

Life drain. The touch of a wraith does damage in two ways. First, the chilling effect of the touch inflicts 1d6 points of damage, even to creatures immune to cold. Second, such a hit drains a level of experience from its victim. This includes hit points and all abilities associated with that level, such as spell casting or combat ability. The damage from the chill can be healed normally, but the experience points are gone forever and must be earned again or magically restored.

Special Defense

Hit only by silver or +1 or better magical weapon. Silver weapons inflict only half damage upon a wraith; magical weapons inflict full damage. They are immune to cold damage, charms, sleep and hold spells.


Individual: None

Lair: 1d10×1,000 cp (5%); 1d12×1,000 sp (25%); 1d8×1,000 gp (25%); 1d12 gems (15%); 1d8 jewelry (10%); 3 magic items plus 1 scroll (25%).



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