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Tucked away on the eastern edge of Cresthaven, the Oddities Shoppe is a fascinating store that specializes in rare and exotic artifacts. The shop stands out from the surrounding buildings with its low stone wall and timber-framed structure. Adventurers are often seen trying to sell their latest finds to the shopkeepers in exchange for gold and rare items.

Inside the shop, the air is thick with the smell of musty books and ancient relics. The tall elf-wrought wooden shelves are filled to the brim with oddities and curiosities from every corner of the land. From magical antiques to scientific specimens, the shop is a treasure trove of the strange and unusual.


The Oddities Shoppe is run by a pair of intriguing individuals. Micael, a male half-elf, and Evan, a female elf, both possess a deep knowledge of the rare and exotic items in their store. Micael, a retired adventurer, has spent over two decades collecting and dealing in the bizarre and unusual. Evan, a successful wizard in the Hermetic Order of the Magi, has a fascination with macabre items and a love of music.

Ryan, the resident buyer and negotiator, is known for his ability to locate the most obscure items for the right price.


  • Human Grifter
  • Level 6
  • +4 Charisma
  • HP 19 AC 14


  • Elf Wizard
  • Level 7
  • +3 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
  • HP 22 AC 12


  • Halfling Grifter
  • Level 8
  • +3 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
  • HP 24 AC 21
  • Confidence (+15)
  • Intel (+9)


All oddities prices are negotiable and determined at the time of purchase.

  1. Dousing Rods
  2. Dragon Teeth
  3. Elephant Skull
  4. Finger Bones
  5. Fingernails
  6. Four-Legged Chicken
  7. Hair Jewelry
  8. Love Stones
  9. Mummified Hand
  10. Nail clippings
  11. Pickled Pig
  12. Shrunken Head
  13. Straitjacket
  14. Tarot Cards
  15. Taxidermy birds
  16. Teeth On A Stick
  17. Two-Headed Kitty
  18. Vintage Buttons

Magical Items

Magical items are only available to Order members. 


Potion of Healing  (25 gp)
1d8 HP Restored

Potion of Protection from Acid (750 gp)
A watery viridian serum, contained in a spherical glass flask.

Potion of Remove Sickness (50 gp)
This translucent potion causes one’s hair to turn black when used.

Potion of Speed (300 gp)
Double actions for 1d6 rounds

Spell Scrolls (50 gp each)
Scroll of Comprehend Languages
Scroll of Feather Fall
Scroll of Identify
Scroll of Light
Scroll of Unseen Servant

Hermetic Order of the Magi

The Hermetic Order of the Magi is a secretive organization of wizards devoted to the study and practice of the magical arts. Founded centuries ago by a group of powerful wizards, the Order has since grown in size and influence, with members spanning across the continent. The Order has strict rules and regulations to ensure that its members use their magical abilities responsibly and ethically.

To join the Order, a wizard must pass the Wizards Initiation, which involves demonstrating their magical abilities and expertise. The initiation is held in a secret location, and the details of the initiation process are only known to members of the Order. Those who pass the initiation are awarded with a pendant of the Hermetic Order of the Magi, signifying their membership in the organization.

Once a member of the Order, wizards gain access to a vast network of resources, including access to rare and exotic components for spells, occult knowledge, and advanced instruction in the magical arts. Members can also receive instruction in more esoteric subjects, such as astral travel, scrying, alchemy, geomancy, the Tarot, and astrology.

The Order is governed by a council of powerful wizards, who ensure that its members use their magical abilities responsibly and for the greater good. Members who break the Order’s rules or use their magic for personal gain are dealt with severely, often facing expulsion or even imprisonment.

Despite its secretive nature, the Hermetic Order of the Magi is highly respected throughout the land, and its members are often sought out for their expertise and guidance. However, not everyone trusts the Order, and some view its members with suspicion and fear, believing that their magical abilities give them too much power and influence over the common people.

Wizard’s Initiation

Upon initiation, the Wizard is lead, blindfolded, into a room with 3 random items on pedestals. Across the room sit 3 robed figures. A booming void speaks, “Show us what you’ve got!”

Judging is completely arbitrary based on performance, effective spell use, and arcane expertise. Those that pass are awarded with a pendant of the Hermetic Order of the Magi.

The Wizard’s Initiation is a rite of passage for those seeking to join the Hermetic Order of the Magi. It is a test of a wizard’s magical ability and knowledge, and is designed to ensure that only the most skilled and knowledgeable wizards are allowed to join the Order.

The initiation takes place in a special chamber within the Hermetic Order’s headquarters. The chamber is dimly lit, with a circle of candles surrounding three pedestals in the center of the room. On each pedestal is a different item – it could be a rare magical ingredient, an ancient tome, or a mysterious artifact.

The wizard being initiated is blindfolded and led into the chamber by a hooded figure. They are then instructed to choose one of the items on the pedestals and use it to demonstrate their magical abilities. The hooded figure then removes the blindfold, revealing three other hooded figures sitting across the room.

The wizard must then use their chosen item to cast a spell or perform some other magical feat. The three hooded figures watch closely, judging the wizard’s performance based on their skill, creativity, and knowledge of the magical arts.

After the wizard completes their demonstration, the hooded figures deliberate in silence before announcing whether the wizard has passed the initiation. If the wizard succeeds, they are awarded a pendant of the Hermetic Order of the Magi and welcomed into the Order as an apprentice. If they fail, they are escorted out of the chamber and barred from joining the Order.

The Wizard’s Initiation is a serious and intense ritual, and only the most dedicated and skilled wizards are able to pass. It serves as a testament to the Hermetic Order’s commitment to maintain the highest standards of magical knowledge and skill among its members.

Dungeon Masters

Here are some instructions for using the following adventure ideas designed for the Oddities Shoppe:

  1. Incorporate the ideas into your campaign: Look for ways to organically introduce the adventure ideas into your game. For example, the players could be hired by Micael to recover a rare artifact from a dangerous location.
  2. Use the shopkeepers to guide the players: Micael, Evan, and Ryan can act as guides and sources of information for the players. They can provide clues about where to find rare items or offer advice on how to use them.
  3. Create challenges based on the rare items: Many of the adventure ideas involve the players acquiring rare and powerful items. Use these items to create challenges that test the players’ abilities and force them to think creatively.
  4. Introduce the Hermetic Order of Magi: The Hermetic Order of Magi is a great source of information and magical power. Introduce the players to the Order and allow them to join if they meet the requirements.
  5. Use the shop as a hub for adventure: The Oddities Shoppe can be used as a hub for adventure, where the players go to gather information, acquire rare items, and meet other adventurers. Use the shop as a starting point for new adventures and as a place to return to in between missions.
  6. Create new rare items: Use the existing rare items as inspiration to create new and exciting artifacts that the players can discover and use.
  7. Make use of the shop’s reputation: The Oddities Shoppe is known for dealing in rare and unusual items. Use this reputation to attract other adventurers, villains, and NPCs who are interested in acquiring these items.
  8. Use the shopkeepers as plot hooks: Micael, Evan, and Ryan can each be used as plot hooks to draw the players into new adventures. For example, Evan could be kidnapped by a group of rogue wizards who want to steal her magical knowledge.
  9. Make use of the shop’s location: The Oddities Shoppe is located in Cresthaven, a town with its own unique challenges and dangers. Use the town as a setting for new adventures and as a source of new challenges for the players.
  10. Have fun: Above all, remember to have fun with the adventure ideas. Use them to create exciting and engaging adventures that challenge and reward your players.

Adventure Ideas

  1. The Lost Tarot Deck – A customer comes to the Oddities Shoppe seeking a rare Tarot deck. Upon investigation, the deck is revealed to be cursed, and the party must find a way to break the curse before it consumes them all.
  2. The Missing Pendant – Ryan contacts the party with an urgent request. He has lost his pendant of the Hermetic Order of the Magi, and it has fallen into the wrong hands. The party must retrieve it before the thief uses it for their own nefarious purposes.
  3. The Haunted Doll – Micael has recently acquired a doll that seems to move on its own. The party is tasked with investigating the strange occurrences surrounding the doll and putting the spirit to rest.
  4. The Alchemist’s Recipe – Evan has discovered a recipe for a powerful potion, but the ingredients are extremely rare and difficult to obtain. The party must venture into dangerous territory to gather the necessary components and protect them from other interested parties.
  5. The Mysterious Map – A customer comes into the shop with a map that supposedly leads to a lost treasure. The party must follow the map and avoid the traps set by the treasure’s original owner.
  6. The Cursed Amulet – A customer purchases an amulet from the Oddities Shoppe, but soon discovers it is cursed. The party must help the customer break the curse before it is too late.
  7. The Dark Tome – Micael has come into possession of a forbidden tome that contains powerful spells, but also has the power to summon dangerous entities. The party must decide whether to use the spells for their own gain or destroy the tome before it falls into the wrong hands.
  8. The Time Traveler – A mysterious traveler from the future comes to the Oddities Shoppe seeking a rare component for their time machine. The party must decide whether to help the traveler or stop them from altering the course of history.
  9. The Mimic – A chest purchased from the Oddities Shoppe turns out to be a mimic, and the party must defeat it before it consumes them all.
  10. The Curse of the Sphinx – A rare artifact purchased from the Oddities Shoppe has cursed a member of the party with the riddle of the Sphinx. The party must solve the riddle before the curse takes over and turns them into stone.

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