NOTE: I wrote this adventure about 20 years ago. As I reread it, I have pages and pages of notes on how to improve the overall document. Including things like: Wander Monsters, Where is the Lord, Why are they invading the manor, etc, etc. Once I wrap up the project I’m trying to completed, I will be revisiting this adventure. So if you have ideas or comments, post them in the comments below!

Manor of Lord Golden Moon is an AD&D 2nd Edition adventure to be played by a group of 5-7 characters of 5th to 8th level, for a total of about 50 total levels. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting, in the forests to the north of Dagger Dale. The PCs are assumed to be resting in Dagger Dale when they hear of child abductions and decide to question the local lord. The adventure can be adapted to any setting, and can be used as part of a Campaign or as a stand alone adventure. The party should include at least 2 good fighters, a priest with many healing spells, and a Mage. The more classes the better. At least one of the PCs should speak Orcish and one Drowish.

The Monstrous Compendium, Psionic Handbook, and the Drow of the Underdark should be at hand and reviewed by the DM before the adventure begins.

The adventure begins on the road to the manor house…

Outside appearance:

The manor of Lord Golden Moon appears as a manor of Medieval style. With large roman arches, flying buttresses, and pillars. The walls are made from black polished granite and radiate a faint magic. The surface seems to move like water on a calm day. You can see you own reflections sway gently in the dark walls. They move lazily as a faint wind chills your bones. The large banded doors lie nestled behind souring black pillars. They stand ominously with their skull like knockers.


1. Entry Hall

This room is the entrance to this lavish manor house. The floor is made of shiny black onyx, much like the outside. Although much more so, it reflects everything around including the light of the four torches lining the walls, next to the six statues of creatures. The statues resemble many things upon pedestals; like a spider rearing up to attack, a lizard man with a sword raised high, a elf holding a skull, a dragon wrapped about a tree branch, and a beautiful maiden with lusty breasts and a not so innocent look to her. There is a great amount of stone work. The materials range from purple quartz from the mountains of Icewall Dale to rare and expensive Platinum. Down the hallway is a large chair on a raised dais overlooking the entire room.

The statues are actually traps, which with careful thinking can be avoided. They launch 2 foot in diameter stone balls on chains. The balls shoot out at almost lightning speed and are heat seeking. They cause a 5D6 per hit, with a THACO of 7 and a +5 to hit. They reset each round, and set off by movement in between the statues. On either side of the dais are bead covered openings, both leading into hallways.

2. Grand Library

This room smells faintly of rotting paper. Its ceilings rise twenty feet from the ground and are lined with books of all shapes and colors. Three ladders rest against the shelves with wheels to survey the selections. In the very center of the room is a table with a candelabra burning and three books lying open.

The books on the table are; Darkness Your Friend, a guide to survival in the Underdark; The War of the Ax, three hundred years of drow war; and 1001 Ways to Kill and Elf. The shelves are lined with everything from spell books, rare with fireball protection spells (2D6 fire damage) and alarm wards, to children’s fairy tales. There is a gold pen on the floor worth about 100 gps. It is enchanted with a ever-inky spell.

3. Study in Death

This room is very dark, being only lit by a single candle burning on a intricately carved desk. The desk chair is pulled out, and is crushed velvet padding sheds eerily purple light on the desks polished surface. A single book is closed on the desk, with the letters spelling NECROLIBRALIUM flashing hellishly in the flickering light. On the floor next to the desk is an oaken chest.

The book is about necromancy. It tells of dissection and animation of humans and demihumans. Also it has the following spells inscribed; Animated Dead, Hold Undead, and Enervation, it also tells how to make a amulet of soul stealing. It is about 30 percent accurate and is guarded by a baatezu; Red Abishai. The chest contains three vials of extra healing potions, 2 robes (black), 1 cloak (non-magical), a scroll of darkness 10’ and a ceremonial dagger +2.

Red Abishai AL LE; AC 1; MV 9, 12; HP 43; THACO 13; flies; see Lesser Baatezu

XP 25,500

4. War Room

The door has a large bolt lock on it. Luckily it can only be locked from the inside, and is now open. This room is empty, but depicts great battle scenes on the walls, and a map of the surrounding area painted on the floor.

If the party has found the scroll (location 15) containing the map of the area marked with the command word. They can teleport to anywhere on the map from this room. If the PC read the first word on the scroll it teleports them here.

5. Temple of Lloth

There is a large oaken door locked at this location. Upon it is carved the silhouette of a spider and some strange runes.

The door is trapped with two traps. A successful check will detect either one or the other, but not both. The first trap is located on the door handle. When the handle is touched Electricity will surge through that person’s body for 6D8 points of damage, save vs. spells for half, The second trap is a large brick located in the ceiling. If the trap isn’t disarmed the brick will fall and hit anyone within 3foot by 3foot area for 4D8 points of damage.

Inside the room there is nothing but darkness and the low whisper in some indecipherable language. There is a faint smell of blood and the scuffle of feet. But darkness reigns in this tomb. As the darkness enraptures your bodies you are certain that the voices come from every direction, as if you are surrounded.

Inside the darkness fills the contents of the room. But to vanquish the darkness one must either cast a dispel magic at 13th level or better, or the two braziers must be lit on either side of the alter.

The room is made of polished black stone inset with jewels and depicting scenes of demons burning naked women in an orgy of pain. At the far end of the room is an altar with a body of an elf laying dead. Next the elf is a chalice made of gold, in which there is a thick red liquid. Behind that is two statues; one of a beautiful black onyx elf, and the other of a odd mix of a woman and a spider.

This room radiates evil. Anyone who decides to rest here is plagued by nightmares and cannot sleep, any characters of good alignment feel like they are being watched and want to leave. Under the altar is a dagger (+2 Slaying : Elves) used in sacrifice. It is carved to look like a spider gripping the blade.

6. Stairs

Here there are a number of stairs (52) that lead up into the next level. They are carved of simple wood and are topped with stone.

7. Empty

This an empty passage seems to be safe. Even if there is no light.

8. Swords and Cloaks

Two pedestals dominate this small room. Upon one is a beautiful sword, its craftsmanship is of the highest degree. Upon the other is a nice thick crushed velvet cloak. It is dark purple with moons crushed into its material.

The sword is one of fumbling, it is cursed and shows its true power in combat. The sword causes the wielder to slip and fumble when attack losing initiative and losing 2 to the armor class. The sword must be used until a remove curse is placed on the character. The cloak is the same as a robe of Powerlessness. This room is used to test younger members of the manor of loyalty and greed.

9. Goblin’s Lair

10 goblin are laying on the floor of this room. They are well passed intoxicated and attack on sight. The room reeks of sour ale and vomit.

Goblins, 10 AL NE; AC 5; MV 12; F1 HP 9 each; THACO 20; XP 15

Nothing is in this room

10. Study

This is an eloquent meeting hall, wherein many great feast must have been held, for a great fire place on the far side illuminates the entire room. Enough so that the your boy sitting at the table can study. As you look at him and he looks up. His gesture of hello quickly turns to a look of surprise. He casts darkness in the room and unsheathes his sword.

Everyone in now blind fighting. See rules for blind fighting in the Player’s Handbook. The boy is young squire Golden Moon. He is a drow elf of 85 years.

Drow AL LE; AC -1; MV 12; F7; HP 45; THACO 10; #A 3/2; dmg +3 sword of illusionary steel (ignores steel armor), and a dagger. (1d8 +3 and 1D4) XP 975

11. A&B Studies

Read for both:

This room is very dark, the only light coming from the two candles burning on the large engraved desk. At the far side of the room are two stone chests of black stone with evil faces carved on the front to depict the lid as a mouth.

These room are mini treasure rooms. In each chest is the following: 50 GP, 10 SP, 2 100 gems (Jet), and a piece of paper with the exact count of money that the chest holds. In 11B there is a secret door to room 14.

12. Kitchen

The clank of pots and pans can be heard down the hall along with the bellowing and cursing of Orcs. The corridor smells of burnt flesh and there is a bubbling noise, broken only by pleas for help.

Upon entering the room, you notice that the air is thick with grease, and the two Orcs are busy cutting up something that could be cheese. The cries for help are coming from underneath an overturned kettle.

When the PC enter the Orcs will look up and tell them that the food isn’t ready. They speak a broken common, have no armor and only a knife and a wooden spoon to protect themselves. (Combat should be skipped because these Orcs only think that the PCs are health inspectors) Under the pot is a rather large lobster. When the pot is lifted the lobster sticks and eye out and yells for help. When he sees that it is the PCs then he starts chattering on about his pet clam, and how he never gets any money for his little shoes…

13. Sex anyone?

This door is locked and the moans and screams of a female elf can be heard over the sweet sound of lovemaking.

If the PCs open the door and rush in, the couple having sex leap up and attack.

A sheet clad man jumps up, his female companion standing naked next to him begins to chant as he pulls out a long sword and yells at the intruders.

The man is the knight and protector of the manor and it seems as though he is caught with his pants down. He and his mistress, an Elven Mage, where talking when they were interrupted.

Drow AL LE; AC 6; MV 12; F11; HP 100; THACO 7; #A 3/2; dmg 1d10 +7 (enraged) XP: 975

Elven Mage AL CN; AC -1; MV 12; M8; HP 40; THACO 13; #A 3/2; dmg per spell: Hypnotism, Magic Missile x3, Forget, Blindness, Fog Cloud, Spectral Force, Vampiric Touch, Dimension Door, Phantasmal Killer. XP: 1000

Treasure includes: Spell book with the above spells, ring of protection +3, +2 sword, barrette of protection +5

14. Test of Faith

Three statues of beautiful busty women stand with swords held tightly to their bodies. They stare unnervingly ahead. As the party enters a voice fills the room,” All those that are worthy may pass. Betray the Goddess and may hell have mercy on your foolish souls, blessed be the mother.

As soon as all of the PCs enter the door closes, unless the PCs have the drow holy symbol from location 17, the door locks and the three Golems come to life.

Golem AL N; AC 5; MV 6; HP 60 each; THACO 7; #A 1; dmg 3d8 see MM of Stone Golem. XP 10000 each

15. Descent into Darkness

This is a cave entrance that winds down into darkness. The only other thing is a scroll case sitting in a niche in the wall.

Note this is not followed up in this adventure. But this is where all of the drow are coming from and probably what the Golems were guarding. DMs be creative…. The scroll case holds the map of the surrounding area, see location 5.

2nd Floor


16. Stairs down

Here there are a number of stairs (52) that lead down into the last level. They are carved of simple wood and are topped with stone.

17.Priestess Chambers

The door to this room is engraved with a spider symbol and is locked with a golden lock.

Must pick lock before entering!

As the door squeaks open the light from the hallway pools into the room to outline someone sleeping. The person is snoring loudly and smacks their lips.

This room is home to the Second Priestess of Lloth in the Golden Moon clan. She is sleeping from exhaustion of spells and work. She can only be wakened by someone physically shaking her. The lock is of good quality and is -20% to pick.

drow AL NE; AC 10; MV 12; P15; HP 95; THACO 5; #A 3/2; dmg 2d4 x5 whip of fangs, stuns on a 15 or above on d20. See drow book. XP: 1,500

18. Armory

This door opens to a rusty smelling room lined with bits and pieces of armor. One full suit of chain mail lays on a work bench. There are eight dummies lining the walls, and a rickety old stool.

There is enough armor in here to make 4 suits of dark Elven chain mail +3, there is a suit already on the bench that is +3 drow chain. Note: outside of the house and in the sun light this armor losses all of its magical plusses.

19. Sleeping Quarters

Two drow boys sleep in two beds. They appear to be extremely young, with the older one looking to be in his early teens. Clothes litter the room, and they look peaceful enough.

They are unarmed and defenseless children. Even though they are drow, killing of them by any good character will be a check of alignment. Killing any kind of child just isn’t right. Drow XP 200 each

20. Bathroom

A sink and toilet are in this little room. Water seems to always be running and there is a bar of sweet smelling soap in the soap dish by the sink. A faint smell permeates this room. Probably from the bad food.

21. The Antechamber

The door to this room is locked.

This room is the antechamber to a bedroom. It is exceedingly cold and dry in here, there are two statues on pedestals, a large oak desk with papers on it and 4 candles lit and burning. A warm shag carpet covers the cold tile floor. There is a stain glass window facing out the north wall it is covered in bars and depicts a crest of Lord Golden Moon.

The door is locked and trapped with many traps they include: Magic Fire 2D8, Spikes in the floor 2D6 half movement, Brick in ceiling as in location 5, electricity as in location 5, Psionic Spell of Mind Blank, and darkness 10’. These traps can be avoided if the correct command canto is chanted twice. Other than that….

On the desk are papers of the local dale and attack plans, 2 books: one on conjuring demons and the other on torture, 2 gold pens (50gp each), 4 gold candle holders (25gp each)

22. Lord Golden Moons Bedchambers

A lone figure lays in the satin and silk sheets. The form stirs as you enter, exposing a hand. The hand flexes slowly as the man begins to rise. Lord Golden Moon stands, fully armored and sword drawn, and shouts,’ You have not been invited, weal. Prepare to meet your ul-Ilindith. Teken’duis ulu usstan!’ he attacks.

The room has a bed two tables, two chests, a spiral staircase up, and a sliding glass door out to a patio.

Ryland Teken’duis Lord of the Golden Moon, AL LE; AC -8; MV 12; F20/M25 HP 130; THACO 1; dmg 1d8 +9 and spells, 85% magic resistant. XP 35,000

Spells Hypnotism, Magic Missile x3, Forget, Blindness, Fog Cloud, Spectral Force, Vampiric Touch, Dimension Door, Phantasmal Killer, Teleport without error, Vanish, Finger of Death, Mind Blank, Irresistible dance, Maze, Prismatic Sphere, Shape Change, Black Blade of Disaster.

Natural Abilities: globe of darkness, hand of darkness, levitation, and fiery fire.

Equipment: Ring of Protection +7, Ring of Spell turning, Sword +5 defender, ring of friends, Cloak of Arachnid, Bracers of Blinding Strike.

If the Lord loses more than half of his hit points he flees up the stairs to location 29

23. Bedchambers

Two beds are in this room. One is occupied by a small male who is sleeping, the other has been freshly made. A jeweled necklace is on a table next to the boy and shimmers with a soft light from the hallway. There also is two wooden chests.

The child on of the missing ones. He is under a sleep spell. Nothing else in the room.

24. Crossroads

The hallway ends here in four identical doors.

25. High Priestess Chamber

This seems to be the high priestesses chamber. There is a large satin and silk bed which dominates the room. There is a large oaken chest, and table, on which there are many papers and scrolls.

There are two heal critical wounds scrolls, many papers on summoning and controlling demons and child sacrifice.

26. Shrine to Teken’duis

This room smells of electricity. On the floor spelled on in gold is the great seal of Teken’duis. The gold of the seal flashes and moves with its own force as though it gives you a glimpse into the world of outer hells. The room reeks of magic.

This room is empty at the moment.

27. Entrance to the Shrine

Two statues are in this room. Both are made of jade and each is of a spider. The room seems to be empty.

The spiders are actually Jade Spiders from the Drow Handbook pg. 78 they attack when the party begins to search the room.

Jade Spider AC 5; MV 10; HP 54; #AT 3; dmg 3-12 x2; THACO 15 XP 10,000 each.

28. Cornered

The door to this little room is opened from a blast of a Mind Flayer. Everyone is hit with a Mind blast.

Mind Flayer AC 0; MV 12; HP 42; #AT special +4; THACO 11; 90% magic resistant. See Psionics Handbook for Psionics…

3nd Floor


29. Summoning Circle

Chanting and Moaning can be heard from the bottom of the stairs. As the party nears the top the air becomes hot and electrified. There is a scream and a growl.

The room is square with a large demonic symbol painted on the floor. In the center is a young girl tied to a stake bleeding. On her body are thousands of leeches. Three people circle around her. One is a Priestess, one a Mind Flayer, and a Drow Mage. They chant until the party enters then a dimensional doorway opens and a Tarrasque appears and eats the child in one swift bite. Then it turns and eats the summoners and looks at the party with a devil’s hunger.

Tarrasque AC -3; MV 9 rush 15; HP 300 (70HD); #AT 6; THACO 5; see MM for special abilities, XP 107,000 but after the creature gets down to 50 HP it escapes through the gate to the seventh plane of hell. The portal closes 30 seconds later.

30. Terrace

From this vantage outside the house you can see the entire landscape for 25 miles in every direction.

31. Spell Closet

This little room is used to store spell components. It is cramped and lit by a continuous light spell cast on the ceiling. There are literally thousands of spell components, a magus dream.

There is a secret door under a bottle on one of the shelves. There is a 10% chance of hitting it per turn of searching.

32. Private Library

This room is filled with spell books, items and weapons. Like a storeroom from some magical wizards keep. This is the big load.

DM’s this room contains whatever you think the PCs deserve. I personally would roll up about 20 magic items from the DMs book to give the party after the events.


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