Green Company has become a vital hub for farmers and survivors looking to rebuild their lives. The livestock auction house is located in a fortified compound, surrounded by high walls and armed guards who keep watch for bandits and other threats. The main auction area is a large, open space that is partially covered by a tattered roof, where buyers and sellers gather to exchange goods and barter for livestock.

Green Company has adapted to the new reality of the world, and its staff now includes experts in everything from animal husbandry to weapons maintenance. The animals that are put up for auction are carefully selected and bred for their hardiness and resilience in a world where resources are scarce. The livestock pens are made from sturdy materials salvaged from the ruins of the old world, and the animals are fed with a combination of forage and scavenged supplies.

The auctioneer calls out the bids in a booming voice that echoes across the compound, and buyers and sellers haggle over the price of goats, chickens, and other livestock, bonding over their shared struggles and triumphs.


NameHit DiceSpeedCarryCost
Camel250/100380 lbs40GP
Donkey140/80350 lbs8GP
Pony140/80200 lbs50GP
Horse, Light360/120400 lbs75GP
Horse, Heavy540/80640 lbs200GP
Horse, War450/100500 lbs400GP
AC 14 / Attacks 2: 1d8/1d8
Dog, Guard14025GP
AC 12 / Attacks: 1 bite (1d4) Owner gains Advantage to Notice

Tack and Harness

Bit and bridle1 lbs2GP
Animal Feed (per day)10 lbs5CP
Saddle, Pack15 lbs5GP
Saddle, Riding25 lbs10GP
Saddlebags8 lbs5GP
Stabling (per day)5SP

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