1Mentor was killed in an explosion51Swindled a high ranking mage/thief
2Father was beheaded52Grew up on an island far from civilization
3Sister kidnapped by Demon53Bandit, refused to participate in a raid
4Home town destroyed54Drowned a family member
5Lost all gold in bad bet55Warlord
6Wanted for murder56Found a long forgotten sword in a stone
7Twin sibling taken at birth57Court jester
8Empath, had to leave society58Grew up in a monastery in the outskirts
9Left barbarian tribe wanted more59Family were witch hunters
10Father was a notorious thief60Re-roll twice and add both together
11Shunned by the gods61Sworn to keep an important secret
12Miner, caused accident62Reincarnated fortune teller
13Horrible hunter, nearly starved63Mother was killed by large beast
14Parents killed by a thug64Escaped a prison
15The last of an order (religious, thieves)65Borrowed a large spell book didn’t return
16False prophet66Designed war machines
17Made pact with witch67Parents killed by pirates
18Grew up an orphan begging on streets68Prince/Princess of noble house
19Teleported from a different world/time69Trained by a master in their class
20Father was a renowned mercenary70Brewer of fine ales & wines
21Locked in a tower for years71Tasked with cleanup of disease
22Apprentice to a trade72An assassin
23Father sold out traitors to lord73Town hero destroyed an evil threat
24Wizard’s experimental subject74Survived dragon attack, with scars
25Veteran of a war75Slave
26Runaway76Skilled Artist
27Story collector & teller77Sailor who caused a mutiny
28Traveling merchant78Squire to evil knight
29Humble villager, didn’t cause much trouble, and never went on any adventures.79Previously a merman/woman, turned by wizard
30Re-roll twice and add both together80Plagued by ghosts
31Caught someone doing something bad81Amnesia, don’t remember a thing
32Remembers all past lives82Exiled because of previous mistakes
33Set on a religious pilgrimage83Grew up in nature with only animals
34Ransomed as a prisoner of war84Born with wings
35Famer85Ran an illegal gambling den/bawdy house
36Born with facial scarring and a tail, shunned86Woke up in a different reality
37Stole a large sum of gold87Fisherman/woman
38Temple from hometown burned, did nothing88Hung for treason, brought back from the dead
39Started a riot89Arsonist
40Guard/Solider AWOL from post90Debts from addiction
41Family were prospectors, lost map to mine91Kidnapped a high lord/lady, ransomed.
42Barkeep92The bastard son/daughter of a lord
43Smuggler93Deposed king
44Immigrant from a foreign land94Dreams of the “end of days”
45Concubine to the king/queen95Led rebellion against local government
46Born from a union with a vampire96Arm’s dealer
47Family were cavemen, smartest of the bunch97Betrothed to a ugly noble
48Lewd painter98Born blind, other sense heightened
49Scribe for a local priest/wizard99Wandering minstrel
50Alchemist’s apprentice0Cartographer

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