Temple to Isis

The Village of Cresthaven clings to life amidst a world shrouded in darkness. Yet, despite the encroaching dangers, one beacon of hope remains – the Temple of Isis. This majestic structure, built of ancient stone with walls that pierce the sky, has stood as a symbol of resilience for centuries. Its dome, a testament to the power of faith, rises high above the surrounding buildings, a defiant challenge to the forces that threaten to engulf the world.

As you approach the temple, a strange stillness settles upon you. The air, usually filled with the sounds of a struggling village, becomes strangely tranquil. Only the faint whisper of prayers and the occasional clink of coins in the donation box break the silence. This is a place of peace and serenity, a haven from the chaos and violence that has become the norm.

The Ankh of Isis: A Beacon of Hope

Within the temple lies a relic of immense power – the Ankh of Isis. This magnificent golden symbol, adorned with precious stones, pulsates with life-giving energy. It is said that the Ankh grants the wielder the ability to cure diseases, heal wounds, and even resurrect the dead. It is a beacon of hope for the desperate and a symbol of defiance against the darkness.

The Ankh of Isis grants the wielder the ability to cure diseases, heal wounds, and even raise the dead. It also grants a +3 bonus to all healing spells and protective wards for both spell-casting checks and the amount of healing.

The Icon of Isis: A Lost Treasure

However, there is another relic that holds even greater significance – the Icon of Isis. This exquisite plaque, crafted from the finest wood and adorned with jewels, depicts the goddess in all her glory. It is rumored that the icon possesses the ability to grant wisdom and guidance to those who seek it, particularly devil hunters facing the forces of darkness.

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the Icon remains a mystery. Some say it was stolen by those who sought to exploit its power for their gain. Others believe it was hidden away by the faithful, waiting for the moment when it was needed most.

Guardians of the Light

The temple is not without its protectors. A small but dedicated group of enforcers, clad in brown and green robes, patrol the grounds day and night. Their eyes, sharp and vigilant, scan for any who might threaten the sacredness of this place. They are the guardians of the light, the bulwark against the shadows that seek to consume the village.

A Sanctuary in a Dark World

Despite the dangers that lurk outside, the Temple of Isis remains a beacon of hope for those who seek refuge. For the weary traveler, it is a place of respite, a chance to rest and rearm themselves for the challenges that lie ahead. For the lost and disillusioned, it is a source of guidance and faith, a place to find solace and strength.

Sights, Sounds, and Smells

As you step inside the temple, a sense of awe washes over you. The walls, adorned with intricate tapestries and murals depicting the deeds of Isis, tell the story of a goddess who fought for justice and compassion. The stained-glass windows, bathed in sunlight, cast vibrant colors across the stone floor, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The air, filled with the sweet aroma of incense and the gentle fragrance of flowers, soothes the soul and calms the mind. The soft chanting of the faithful, their voices rising in unison like a chorus of angels, fills the temple with an almost tangible spiritual energy.

The Priest: Father Harder

Male Half-elf Cleric (Level 7)
Str 0, Dex +1, Con 0, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +2
A.C. 17 HP 51

Father Harder stands tall, his short blonde hair combed impeccably and his dull green eyes fixed on the rapt faces before him. His voice booms through the cathedral, preaching the virtues of obedience and the divine mandate of the Sky King. Yet, a tremor runs through his hands, and behind the carefully constructed facade of piety, lies a man deeply conflicted.

Harder prides himself on his role as shepherd to his flock, offering solace and guidance in a world teetering on the precipice of chaos. He decries the whispers of peasant revolt as the siren song of heretics, emphasizing the loving and benevolent nature of the Sky King and his earthly representative, Lord Bakkus. His words are honeyed with promises of eternal reward for those who submit to the existing order, a stark contrast to the terrifying tales of rebellion and its consequences that he paints for those who dare to question.

This carefully cultivated image, however, masks a darker reality. Harder is no selfless prophet; he is a well-paid mouthpiece of the very power structure he defends. He lives a life of relative comfort, shrouded in a mantle of piety that allows him to conveniently ignore the suffering of the masses he claims to serve. His dreams are haunted by visions of Isis, the goddess of nature and rebellion, who whispers of a different path, a path that challenges the very foundations of the system he has so diligently supported. This internal conflict has taken its toll, leaving him gaunt and weary, haunted by the ghosts of his own hypocrisy.

The Faithful

The faithful of Isis are a dedicated lot. Their knowledge of the goddess and her teachings is unmatched, and their faith is unshakeable. They believe that within the temple walls lies the key to salvation, the only hope for a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

Temple Services

  • Cure wounds (1st level 1d8+1 HP) – 10 gp
  • Cure wounds (2nd level 2d8+2 HP) – 40 gp
  • Cure wounds (3rd level 3d8+3 HP) – 60 gp
  • Divination – 210 gp
  • Holy Water – 10 gp
  • Identify – 20 gp
  • Raise Dead – 1,250 gp
  • Reincarnate 1,000 gp
  • Remove Curse – 190 gp
  • Remove Disease – 90 gp
  • Resurrection – 2,500 pg
  • Speak with dead – 90 gp

Cleric Services

Cleric players can leverage all temple services at a discount (10% off), lodging, advices / rumors from priests. To join the temple as an emissary of Amaethon will give the cleric access to use of the holy relic as well as potions of healing (2d8+2 HP) for 50gp. Joining requires the contribution tithe of 10% of all treasure a cleric collects.

Shady Hollows Cemetery

Shady Hollows Cemetery is a sprawling graveyard located on the outskirts of Cresthaven. The cemetery is surrounded by a thick, overgrown forest, and the winding dirt road that leads to it is lined with gnarled trees and moss-covered stones.

The cemetery itself is a maze of twisting paths and crumbling headstones, with rows upon rows of graves stretching out as far as the eye can see. Many of the graves are old and weathered, with moss and ivy creeping up their sides. Others are newer, marked by polished marble markers or simple wooden crosses.

Despite its name, Shady Hollows Cemetery is not a place of peace and rest. There are rumors that the cemetery is haunted by restless spirits, and that strange things happen there after dark. Some locals claim to have seen apparitions wandering among the gravestones, while others report hearing eerie whispers on the wind.

Many of the graves in Shady Hollows Cemetery are unmarked, their occupants long forgotten or lost to time. It is said that some of these graves belong to the town’s most notorious residents, including criminals, outlaws, and even a few rumored witches.

Shady Hollows Cemetery is still a place of reverence for many in the village. Families come to pay their respects to their loved ones, and the occasional visitor stops by to admire the solemn beauty of the place. But for those who dare to venture into the cemetery after dark, the shadows and spirits that lurk there can be a chilling reminder of the town’s dark and troubled past.

Dungeon Masters

Here are some instructions for a Dungeon Master on using the following adventure ideas:

  1. Determine the party’s motivation: Before using any of these adventure ideas, determine what motivates your party. Do they seek to uncover lost relics? Do they want to fight the undead or otherworldly creatures? Knowing their motivations will help you tailor the adventure to their interests.
  2. Establish the setting: The Temple to Isis is a place of refuge and worship, located in the heart of the Village of Cresthaven. The temple is a stone structure, with walls that rise up to dizzying heights and a dome that towers over everything around it. It is a place of peace and serenity, but also danger, as the cult of Isis will stop at nothing to protect their holy site.
  3. Use the items in the temple: The Relic: Icon of Isis is a powerful artifact that could serve as the centerpiece of an adventure. The party might seek to recover it from the cult, or use it to defeat their enemies. Father Harder and the Faithful could provide valuable information or assistance to the party, but they may also have their own agendas. The Enforcers will not take kindly to intruders, and the cemetery outside the temple could be haunted by the undead.
  4. Create challenges: The party could face a variety of challenges when exploring the temple, such as traps, puzzles, and enemies. The cult of Isis will have enforcers guarding the temple, as well as other defenses, such as wards or traps. The cemetery outside the temple could be home to undead creatures that rise from their graves at night.
  5. Use NPCs: NPCs can add depth and complexity to the adventure. Father Harder could be a source of information or assistance, but he might also have secrets of his own. The Faithful could provide guidance or aid, but they may also be suspicious of outsiders. The Enforcers could be a formidable enemy, but they could also be reasoned with or intimidated.
  6. Keep the post-apocalyptic undertone in mind: Remember that this adventure takes place in a world that has suffered great calamity. Use descriptions and encounters that emphasize the ruins and dangers of the world outside the temple, and make the adventure feel like a small oasis of hope and faith in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Adventure Ideas

  1. The Missing Relic – The Icon of Isis has been stolen from the temple. The players are hired by Father Harder to investigate the theft and retrieve the relic. They must navigate the temple’s security measures and question the suspicious cult members to uncover the thief’s identity.
  2. The Cult’s Secret – The players learn that the cult of Isis is hiding a dark secret. Father Harder and the faithful are keeping a dangerous entity imprisoned beneath the temple, believing it to be a powerful demon. However, the players discover that the entity is actually a benevolent being wrongly accused of being a demon. The players must decide whether to release the entity and risk the wrath of the cult, or leave it imprisoned and continue their mission.
  3. The False Prophet – A new religious leader has arrived in town, claiming to be the true prophet of Isis. He has gained a significant following and is preaching a message of hate and intolerance. Father Harder believes that the new prophet is a fraud and has asked the party to investigate. As they delve deeper, they discover that the new prophet is actually a demon of Sekhmet in disguise, trying to sow chaos and discord in the faithful of Isis.
  4. The Lost Pilgrimage – A group of pilgrims has gone missing on their way to the temple. Father Harder is worried that they may have been attacked by raiders or worse. He asks the party to investigate and bring back any survivors. As they track down the missing pilgrims, they discover that they have stumbled upon a hidden enclave of the faithful of Isis who have been hiding from the world for generations. The party must navigate the complex politics of this hidden community and help them find a way to rejoin the world without losing their faith.
  5. Investigate the Cemetery – Strange occurrences have been happening in the cemetery outside the temple. The players are hired by the faithful to investigate the cemetery and discover that the graves have been disturbed, with no evidence of who or what is responsible. The players must navigate through the cemetery and uncover the source of the disturbance, discovering that an evil necromancer has been using the cemetery as a source of power for their dark magic.
  6. Protect the Temple – The players are hired by Father Harder to protect the temple from an impending attack by a rival faction seeking to destroy the temple and its faithful. The players must rally the enforcers and faithful to prepare for the attack, setting traps and preparing for a siege. The players must fight off the rival faction and protect the temple, discovering that the attack was merely a distraction for a more sinister plot in the works.

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