One of the things I’ve always look at, but haven’t played yet is UltraModern. I love the idea of adding modern armor, weapons or even mechs into the fantasy world (ala Shadowrun).


Guns breakdown into a few categories:

Light – one / two handed weapon limited ammo (light ammo only). (when used two handed gain +2)

Heavy –  two handed – had slower reload or slower rate of fire, or …


Automatic Fire – if you crit on a roll (18+) roll again with disadvantage against the next closest enemy target or the same target. Attack over and over until you miss or run out of ammo.

Load Out – the ammo of ammo that can be used before requiring reload

Rate of Fire – the amount of ammo expelled in a round

Reload – how many rounds to reload (change cartridge, eject shells, etc)

Armor Piercing – this would be a bonus that negates a certain amount of armor AC (not dex or base) you can’t go lower than the AC + Dex

Range – no change from the current rules



type: light
damage: per ammo
range: 50/250
weight: 2 lb
load out: 6
rate of fire: 2
reload: 2 rounds
cost: $150

Semi Automatic Pistol

type: light
damage: per ammo
range: 30/150
weight: 2 lb
load out: 10
rate of fire: 2 or auto
reload: 1 round
cost: $450


Light: Regular
Damage: 1d6
Cost: $25 for 100 rounds

Light: Armor Piercing
AC -5
Damage: 1d8
Cost: $250 for 100 rounds

Light: Hollow Point
Damage: 1d10
Cost: $200 for 100 rounds

Thoughts? Ideas?


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