So the other option for customizing your character could be the addition of feats as the character advances. This would add some fun bonuses and custom ways to play their characters.  You get one feat at 2nd level and extra feat at 5th level and another 10th level. This list is a very limited one – I think there needs to be double this amount.

Feat Ideas

Fighter Classes:

  • Blind Fighting – no disadvantage from blindness, darkness or invisible attackers
  • Two-handed – use two single handed weapons in combat and gain a second attack, one with each weapon
  • Dodge – gain +2 to AC
  • Weapon Focus – use your Ability Focus for one specific weapon

Magic Casters:

  • Combat Casting – gain an Intelligence Save vs the 10 + damage received instead of the spell just failing
  • Silent Casting – cast a spell without any sounds (even if magically silenced)
  • Supercharge Spell – double the range, duration or damage of a spell
  • Quicken Spell – shorten the casting time by 1/2

Rogue Classes:

  • Disguise – gain advantage when making a disguise check
  • Stealthy – +2 to Stealth rolls (hide, sneak, etc)
  • Alert +2 to Notice
  • Appraise – gain advantage when appraise an items worth or use

Thoughts and ideas? There are literally TONs of feats in Pathfinder.


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