Catfolk are a humanoid creature, known for their agility and cunning nature. They are often found in mystical forests and hidden cities, where their feline attributes allow them to move with ease through the trees and shadows. Their fur ranges from sleek and shiny to thick and shaggy, with an array of colors and patterns…


Religion in SimpleDnd

Religious options for your Fantasy RPG The gods and goddesses of fantasy worlds breathe life into their landscapes, shaping cultures, fueling conflicts, and whispering mysteries in the ears of adventurers. The original edition in the 1970s contained 17 pantheons of gods. But with so many options out there, where do you, the intrepid Dungeon Master, even begin?…


D&D 5e Party Tracking Sheet

A D&D 5e Party Tracking Sheet is a valuable tool for Dungeon Masters. It simplifies managing player stats, inventory, and quest progress. With this sheet, DMs can focus on storytelling while effortlessly keeping tabs on their adventurers' journey. It's an essential aid for a smooth and immersive Dungeons & Dragons experience.