Rules Updates and Clarifications

Added to the Combat and Playing the Game sections, these optional rules include using obstacles for cover, light conditions affecting gameplay, and detailed terrain interactions, all aimed at enriching combat with strategic environmental consideration.


Religion in SimpleDnd

Religious options for your Fantasy RPG The gods and goddesses of fantasy worlds breathe life into their landscapes, shaping cultures, fueling conflicts, and whispering mysteries in the ears of adventurers. The original edition in the 1970s contained 17 pantheons of gods. But with so many options out there, where do you, the intrepid Dungeon Master, even begin?…


Goblin Raiders

Adventure for Cresthaven RPG Map by Daniel F. Walthall @Axebane Introduction This adventure is designed to teach dungeon exploration to a new group of players. While the story is cliche, it is a good starting point to introduce low level monsters and situations and really the adventure starts at the cellar doors.  This adventure is…


Learning Dungeon

So I had the pleasure of teaching D&D to my kids class again. I wanted to teach traps, encounters, puzzles and overall how to explore the dungeon. Map by Daniel F. Walthall @Axebane Please check it out and let me know what you think! Read It Here!


Two New Options: Notice and Heroics

Neither of these should be a big shock, but I am implementing two new items in the DM's toolkit. The rest of the docs will be updated shortly as will the character sheet. - A Notice This number is for every character. It is set default to the Character's Wisdom (with the Ability Focus if…

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Playing Dungeons and Dragons with Kids

Teaching D&D to kids seemed impossible with a limited time. Enter the Cresthaven RPG system - simple, fast-paced, and perfect for beginners! Pre-generated characters and a classic adventure with clear prompts got them rolling. By encouraging teamwork and in-character decisions, they created their own story while learning valuable skills like math and critical thinking. The teacher loved it, the kids are hooked - and you can be next!