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Geomorphic maps, or “geomorphs” for short, are a type of modular mapmaking system used in role-playing games (RPGs). They consist of individual map sections, often squares or hexagons, that can be connected in various ways to create larger, unique locations.

Here’s what makes geomorphs special:

  • Each geomorph can represent different rooms, corridors, caverns, or other sections of a dungeon, building, or landscape.
  • By combining these pieces, players and game masters can create an infinite variety of layouts, fostering improvisation and exploration.
  • No two games will have the same map setup, adding replayability and surprise.

Download the PDF with the front and back. Print it out double-sided and then, roll 1d12 to pick a tile, then roll 1d4 to determine the north side

These are the Geormorphs we came up with:


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