Moonlit Glade

"Moonlit Glade" is designed for 2-4 level 3 players, trapped in an ever-shrinking glade, players must solve a complex puzzle to appease forest spirits and escape before being crushed by the encroaching trees. As twilight falls, you enter a serene glade bathed in moonlight. Suddenly, the trees begin to close in, their branches creaking ominously. A…


Giant Spiders of Cresthaven

Deep within the dark caverns of outside the Village of Cresthaven, brave adventurers awaken entangled in the sticky embrace of giant spiderwebs. With time running out and the threat of monstrous arachnids looming, they must navigate the pitch-black labyrinth, battling for their very survival.


4 Types of Dungeons

In the ever-evolving landscape of tabletop RPGs, the concept of the 'dungeon' continues to expand, offering players a vast playground where their imagination is the only limit. From the eerie corridors of ancient ruins to the bustling streets of urban centers, and even the unfathomable depths of alternate realities, dungeons serve as the canvas upon which epic adventures are painted.


Random Dungeon Generators

You know I love to keep things simple around here *wink*. While this doesn't alway happen, I do want to play all the time. So to keep the game flowing I propose using a random dungeon to get the level started. You'd still need to read through it, add monster stats and story elements, but…

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Titan's Teeth Tower Map

Map – Titan’s Teeth

There is a stout tower along the Akkedis Trail that is decorated with massive white chunks of stone along its battlements. To those who pass through its shadow on the trail it has become known as either the Crown of Teeth, or the Titan’s Teeth.


Sewers Under Cresthaven

Deep beneath the village of Cresthaven lies a network of twisting, winding tunnels that were created by powerful mages long ago. The air in the tunnels is thick and humid, and the only light comes from the flickering torches on the walls. The sound of rushing water can be heard echoing through the tunnels, and the scent of damp stone and stagnant water is heavy in the air.

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Mysterious Vault of the Lost Wizard Tyr

For this weeks Map Monday, I give you Mysterious Vault of the Lost Wizard Tyr: Possible adventure hook: The wizard has died, and most of his collection has escaped, in large part thanks to his rust monster eating bars and door hinges. Those that have escaped are creating trouble nearby, however some have stayed because they have…