I was reading through the Rules Cyclopedia yesterday and was interested in the different spell lists per class. Here at Cresthaven RPG there is just one list with difference being how spells are approved by the DM and it got me thinking. Does limiting spells per class help to differentiate the classes even more? If I were to add limited spell lists per class would it make the classes feel more distinct?

It would definitely make the ability to add new magic classes easier. Druid would be a snap – add a few spells and then tweak their spell lists. Clerics could be more limited in spells as they already have an innate ability to turn the undead. Wizards on the other hand would become much more flexible, having the broadest access to spells and possibly a spell buy bonus to compensate for their limited special abilities.

I’d love to hear from the players. What do you think about spell lists? Should we go back to a more B/X style?


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