Here are my top 10 best D&D blogs that I follow. They have guides, stories, maps, resources, adventures and so much more. There is so much useful content for both Dungeon Masters and Players on the web it is just crazy. So if you’re a DM or a PC and you play Dungeons & Dragons, then this is the list you should check out.

  1. Death by Mage
  2. That’s How I Role-(Play)
  3. Critical Hits Show
  4. Newbie DM
  5. Red Dice Diaries
  6. Matthew Lowes
  7. The Angry GM
  8. Dungeon’s Master
  9. Blog of Holding
  10. Greyhawk Grognard

What other Dungeons & Dragons blogs should be included in this best of the web list? Post your answers in the comments below!

Suggestions from readers include:


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