OSR-TB-300x257Adventure for new players to Cresthaven RPG written by Alan Bollinger. Original artwork by Alan Bollinger, Jonny Gray (http://jonnygray.deviantart.com). All of the provided stats and checks can easily be adapted to other systems. Players should be low levels, approximately 10 combined.

OSR Compatible.

There was a time when the wizard Horace Sharpcheeks overlooked the village of Cresthaven from atop his tower. That was until his tower exploded in a giant green fireball and Horace was never heard from again.

The owner of the Crossed Arms inn claims there is an entrance to a mysterious cavern system below the cellar spewing forth all types of monsters onto the once peaceful country side. The village elders also agree that it’s worth investigating the rumors and have put out a call to all adventurers to cleanse the site of the wizard’s tower and report back their findings. The one thing everyone can agree upon is that goblins have infested the ruins and they must go.

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