The Cross Arms Tavern and Inn is the heart of the village, located just on the main square of Cresthaven. It is a cozy two-story timber and brick building, with several leaded glass windows that let the sunlight stream in. Inside, there is a warm fire burning in the fireplace and the scent of roasting meat wafts from the kitchen.


The innkeeper is a kind and hospitable old female elf named Fleming. She greets every guest with a warm smile and a friendly welcome. Fleming takes great pride in ensuring that her guests are well taken care of, and she is always ready to offer a listening ear or a comforting word.

Fleming possesses a magical helmet, crafted by the illustrious elf armorer Kris Salanathas. The helmet has been passed down through her family for generations and is said to offer protection from all forms of magic. Fleming is happy to show it off to interested guests and tell the story of its creation.

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The Cross Arms Tavern and Inn is the perfect place for a night of revelry and fun. The atmosphere is lively, the food is filling, and the company is good.

The tavern features live music from a talented group of musicians who play traditional folk music. The sound of the lute, flute, and drum fill the air, and patrons are encouraged to sing along and dance.



  • Boiled Mutton and Lettuce, Tankard of Beer (11 cp)
  • Stewed Sausage and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Stout (12 cp)
  • Wheat Porridge, Mug of Stout (3 cp)
  • Salted Sausage and Peas, Tankard of Cider (7 cp)
  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Bitter (5 cp)
  • Stewed Goose and Oat Bread, Tankard of Bitter (12 cp)
  • Roasted Mutton and Peas, Tankard of Mead (10 cp)


The inn offers several large rooms with comfortable beds and soft, plush pillows for a good night’s rest. The straw mattresses have been recently replaced with comfortable feather beds, ensuring a good night’s sleep for weary travelers.

Inn stay (per day)  
– Private Room #82 gp
– Shared Room #95 sp
– Hostel #72 sp

Dungeon Masters

Here are some instructions for a Dungeon Master to use the following NPCs and adventure ideas designed for the Inn:

  1. Introduce the NPCs: Have the players encounter the NPCs naturally, such as at the inn, in the marketplace, or on the road. Describe their physical appearance, clothing, and demeanor to make them memorable.
  2. Use the NPCs to drive the story: Each NPC has their own goals and motivations, which can be used to create interesting and engaging quests. Consider how the NPCs can help or hinder the players’ progress towards their own goals.
  3. Make the quests diverse: The quests should be varied in terms of difficulty, location, and type. For example, one quest may involve fighting monsters in a dangerous dungeon, while another may involve negotiating with a corrupt official in the city.
  4. Incorporate the inn: Use the inn as a hub for the players to gather information, rest, and socialize. Describe the atmosphere of the inn and its patrons to make it feel like a living and breathing place.
  5. Use sensory details: Incorporate sensory details to make the NPCs and quests more immersive. Use vivid descriptions of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures to create a more vivid and memorable world.
  6. Encourage player choice: Allow the players to choose which NPCs to work with and which quests to pursue. This will give them a sense of agency and make the game feel more dynamic.
  7. Connect the quests: Consider ways to connect the quests together to create a larger story arc. For example, the artifact that Anzil seeks to destroy may be connected to the ruins that Rimi wants to explore.

By following these instructions, the Dungeon Master can create a rich and engaging world for the players to explore, with memorable NPCs and diverse quests that will keep them engaged and excited.

Patrons and NPCs

  • Kather Lemayc: The Copper-Haired Craftsman, Evil. Kather is a heavyset woman, with striking copper hair and piercing narrow brown eyes. She often wears rugged, travel-stained clothing, and a mysterious black cloak. Kather is known for her devious and manipulative ways, and has been known to use her crafty talents for nefarious purposes.
  • Rimi Borgeson: The Ambitious Dwarf Aristocrat, Neutral. Rimi is a well-dressed dwarf with a sharp appearance. He has cropped black hair, amber eyes, and a thin mustache, giving him a distinguished look. He has a flair for extravagance and ambition. Rimi is on the hunt for an adventure and seeks a group to accompany him to explore the ancient ruins of Turi’s Hold.
  • Friado: The Bearded Halfling, Evil. Friado is a scruffy halfling with matted blonde hair and large hazel eyes. He often wears travel-stained clothing and riding boots, and he always has his animal companion, a mottled goat named Aler, by his side. Friado is known to be a tricky and untrustworthy individual, and his motivations are often shrouded in mystery.
  • Anzil: The Silver-Haired Professional, Evil. Anzil is a female dwarf with curly silver hair and piercing brown eyes. She has a vulgar and corrupt nature and is willing to use any means necessary to achieve her goals. Anzil is on the hunt for a group to help her recover and destroy an evil artifact that is rumored to be hidden in Frinain’s Deep.
  • Ugmar: The Red-Haired Artist, Good. Ugmar is a flamboyant dwarf with vibrant red hair and dark hazel eyes. He often wears expensive clothing and silk gloves, which he believes adds to his artistic flair. Ugmar has a good heart and seeks a group to help him expose a corrupt aristocrat who serves Gano the Bloody. He hopes that by exposing this corruption, he can restore justice and bring peace to the land.

Adventure Ideas

  1. The Rat Infestation – The players are hired by the innkeeper, Fleming, to rid the inn of a pesky rat infestation. But the rats are not what they seem, and the players soon discover that they are dealing with a group of intelligent, magically enhanced rodents.
  2. The Lost Recipe – The innkeeper’s famous dish, the “Dragon Stew,” has been losing its popularity. The players are tasked with finding the missing ingredient to the recipe and restoring the dish to its former glory.
  3. The Mysterious Musician – A talented musician has been performing at the inn, drawing in large crowds with their haunting melodies. But there’s something strange about the musician, and the players must uncover their true identity and intentions.
  4. The Ghostly Guests – Strange occurrences are happening in the inn at night, and some guests claim to have seen ghostly apparitions. The players must investigate the supernatural activity and put the restless spirits to rest.
  5. The Thieves’ Heist – The inn is robbed, and the players must track down the thieves and retrieve the stolen goods. But the heist is just the beginning of a larger conspiracy, and the players must unravel the web of deceit and corruption.
  6. The Quest for Firewood – With winter approaching, the innkeeper is running low on firewood. The players must venture out into the dangerous wilderness to gather enough wood to last the winter.
  7. The Missing Adventurers – A group of adventurers who stayed at the inn has gone missing, and the players are asked to investigate their disappearance. But the missing adventurers may have stumbled upon something they shouldn’t have, and the players may be in danger themselves.
  8. The Fireplace Storyteller – The players gather around the fireplace to listen to the inn’s famous storyteller. But the stories take a dark turn, and the players find themselves living out the tales in a twisted reality.
  9. The Haunted Room – One of the inn’s rooms is said to be haunted by a vengeful spirit. The players must spend a night in the room to uncover the truth behind the ghostly presence.
  10. The Secret Society – The players discover a group of patrons at the inn who are part of a secret society. The society is involved in dark magic and forbidden rituals, and the players must decide whether to join them or stop them.

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