At the intersection of three major streets, High Street, Market Street and Main Street, lies the heart of Cresthaven – the Town Square. The first thing that hits you is the smell of delicious food, hot pies, and freshly baked pretzels. The cobblestone open space is a bustling hub of activity, with street performers, pickpockets and food vendors on most days. The area is filled with exciting sounds, from the lively music played by the minstrels to the cries of vendors advertising their wares.

The Main Stage

In the center of the square is a raised stage that serves as the main attraction. Here, performers can be seen showcasing their talents, from jugglers to acrobats. Some nights, the stage hosts large rallies and speeches that draw the attention of the entire town.

Clown and Glove Puppetry

One of the popular performers in the Town Square is the Clown and Glove Puppetry group. They put on a daily show that combines live action, sketch comedy, and puppetry to teach children and adults alike with their educational and moral shows. The show is accompanied by lively music and vibrant colors that make it all the more engaging.

Rastkriln the Living Statue

Be sure to keep an eye out for Rastkriln the Living Statue. He poses as a statue with realistic statue-like makeup, sometimes for hours at a time. He often fools passersby, and he is known to startle unsuspecting visitors. (Wisdom 10 DC Surprise) The experience of seeing a statue move and jump to life can be quite thrilling!

Harold’s Grubs

The aroma of pies and pretzels leads you to Harold’s Grubs, an old cart being run by the 4th generation Harold, Susan Harold. The pies are made fresh and served hot, making them a great treat on a chilly day. The pretzels are soft and warm, with just the right amount of salt.


While the Town Square is a hub of excitement and fun, it can also draw many unsavory people. It’s not uncommon for cut-purses or fights to break out during festivals, especially after a day of drinking at the Lamb. Be sure to keep your wits about you and watch your belongings.

Dungeon Masters

As a Dungeon Master, you can use the following adventure ideas for the Town Square in various ways to create an exciting campaign for your players. Here are some tips on how to use these ideas:

  1. Introduce the Town Square: As the players enter the town for the first time, describe the Town Square to them. Mention the different attractions, the crowds, and the energy of the place. This sets the tone for the adventure ideas that follow.
  2. Set the Scene: Use all five senses to paint a vivid picture of the scene. Describe the smells of Harold’s Grubs, the sound of the puppet show, and the appearance of Rastkriln the Living Statue. This will help immerse the players in the adventure.
  3. Drop Hints: Add some hints to the Town Square’s different attractions to catch the players’ attention. For example, mention the strange behavior of Rastkriln or the gossip about a theft that occurred during the puppet show. This builds intrigue and sets up the adventure ideas.
  4. Tie the Ideas Together: The different adventure ideas can be interwoven to create a cohesive story. For instance, the theft during the puppet show could lead to a hunt for a valuable artifact that the players discover is being held by the cultists. Or, the players could encounter Rastkriln the Living Statue, who is in fact an enchanted guardian and needs their help to save the town from an impending danger.
  5. Keep the Danger Lurking: Finally, it’s essential to keep the sense of danger alive in the Town Square. The players should feel that anything could happen at any moment, and they need to stay alert. You can use the warning about the unsavory people to set up random encounters or pickpocketing attempts to keep the players on their toes.

By following these tips, you can create an exciting adventure that keeps your players engaged and excited to explore the Town Square.

Adventure Ideas

  1. The Feral Pigeons – Pigeons in the town square have become increasingly aggressive and are attacking anyone who comes near. The adventurers must find the source of the strange behavior and put a stop to it before someone is seriously injured.
  2. The Festival of the Ancients – As the town square is preparing for a large festival to honor the ancient heroes who saved the land from destruction, strange creatures begin to emerge from the shadows, attacking vendors and civilians alike. The adventurers must discover the source of the disturbance and put a stop to it before the entire town is overrun.
  3. The Missing Merchant – A local merchant has gone missing, and the party is hired to investigate. They must navigate the dangerous ruins outside of town to find clues to the merchant’s whereabouts. They may also have to deal with bandits or other dangerous creatures that have taken up residence in the ruins.
  4. The Missing Pie Recipe – Harold’s Grubs has always been known for their delicious pies, but when the recipe goes missing, the party is hired to investigate. The trail leads them to a group of bandits who have taken up residence in a nearby ruin. The party must infiltrate the bandit hideout, recover the recipe, and bring the bandits to justice.
  5. Battle of the Bards – A group of traveling bards arrive in town, each one claiming to be the best. The party is hired by the town council to help judge a battle of the bards, which will determine who gets to perform on the main stage. However, when one of the bards is revealed to be a member of a rival faction, the party must navigate the dangerous political landscape of the post-apocalyptic world to ensure a fair and just competition.
  6. The Festival of the Dead – On the night of the full moon, the town square is transformed into a festival of the dead. But when a group of undead creatures begins to roam the streets, the party must defend the town and uncover the source of the undead plague. The trail leads them to a nearby necromancer, who has been using dark magic to raise the dead. The party must defeat the necromancer and put an end to the undead plague before it spreads any further.
  7. No More Puppets – A quest to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of the Clown and Glove Puppetry troupe, who have been known to put on educational and moral shows for children and adults alike. The players must investigate clues and interrogate suspects to unravel the dark secrets behind their disappearance.
  8. The Night Watchmen – The players are hired to protect the Town Square during the first full moon of the month, when the large farmer’s market draws sellers from all the surrounding farms and homesteads. However, as the night progresses, they discover that the sellers are not what they seem, and they must fight to defend the innocent townsfolk from a group of post-apocalyptic raiders who have infiltrated the market.

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