The Lamb, a shady bar in Cresthaven, is a hotbed of illicit activity. It’s located at the end of Main Street, on the western edge of town. The building itself is a shabby one-room structure, with a bar running along the far wall. Large casks filled with the town’s alcohol supply are stacked against the walls. The most notable of these casks is an oversized one with the image of a tusked ogre’s head on it, which contains the infamous “house specialty,” Ogre’s Breath.

The bartender, Mick, is a tough customer who has little patience for outsiders, especially do-gooder adventurers. He prefers the company of his regulars, and those who cross him quickly find themselves on the wrong side of his temper. A huge half-orc named Bone Crusher always sits by the door, keeping an eye on things and making sure that troublemakers are quickly shown the door.

The Guild: A Criminal Organization

The Lamb serves as the front for the local Thieves’ Guild, a dangerous organization that rules the criminal underworld of Cresthaven. Both Mick and Bone Crusher are members of the Guild and work closely with the Guild’s leader, Lord Shadow. They help to ensure that the Guild’s activities remain hidden from the law-abiding citizens of Cresthaven.

Those who are “in the know” can persuade Bone Crusher to open the secret door that leads to the Guild’s underground headquarters, the Pit. This dingy space is filled with cut-throats, beggars, and thieves who work in the Town Square. Lord Shadow is a powerful figure who allows only his own members to operate within Cresthaven. Those who don’t fall in line with the Guild’s rules often find themselves facing swift and brutal justice. Many lowly rogues have disappeared without a trace, victims of Lord Shadow’s wrath.

The Pit: A Place of Danger and Intrigue

The Pit thieves guild

The Pit is the heart of the Thieves’ Guild in Cresthaven. It’s a dark and dangerous place where secrets are kept and deals are made. Only those with thieves’ training are allowed to join the organization, and they quickly find themselves contributing to the Guild’s coffers. In exchange, they receive a safe haven from the town’s militia and access to basic thieves’ supplies. But the cost of membership in the Guild is high, and those who fail to live up to the Guild’s standards often meet a gruesome end.

As adventurers, you must tread carefully in the Lamb and the Pit. The Guild is always watching, and even a small mistake can result in a deadly confrontation. But for those brave enough to take the risk, there are rich rewards to be had. The Guild’s secrets are many, and the treasures they possess are beyond imagining. But beware – in the Lamb and the Pit, danger lurks around every corner, and death is never far away.

Guild Supplies

Arrow, grapple 10 gp
Boots, Footpad’s 8 gp
Bow, Folding 45 gp
Caltrops (10) 3 gp
Cards, Marked Deck 5 gp
Clawed Overshoes 15 gp
Dice, Biased, Bone, box of 4 5 gp
Dog Pepper, packet 1 sp
Glass-Cutter, Handled 120 gp
Gloves, Clawed 20 gp
Skeleton Key varies
Thieve’s Picks 30 gp
Wire Cutters 1 gp

Dungeon Masters

Here are some instructions for a potential Dungeon Master on using these adventure ideas:

  1. Introduce the players to the seedy establishment known as The Lamb, and give them the opportunity to interact with Mick, Bone Crusher, and the other shady characters who frequent the place.
  2. Drop hints about the Thieves’ Guild operating in Cresthaven and the existence of The Pit, but don’t reveal too much right away. Let the players investigate and discover the truth about the Guild on their own.
  3. Introduce the mysterious figure known as Lord Shadow, and make it clear that he is not to be trifled with. Perhaps he sends a message to the players warning them to stay out of the Guild’s affairs, or they witness him delivering a brutal punishment to one of his underlings.
  4. Use Bone Crusher as a recurring character who the players can interact with in different ways. Perhaps he becomes a reluctant ally, or a rival who stands in the way of the players’ goals.
  5. Make Ogre’s Breath a central plot point in one of the adventures. Perhaps the players are hired to steal a cask of it from The Lamb, or they need to procure some for a ritual or quest.
  6. Use The Pit as a location for the players to explore and encounter various unsavory characters. Perhaps they need to infiltrate the Guild to retrieve a stolen artifact or rescue a kidnapped NPC.
  7. Create opportunities for the players to interact with the Thieves’ Guild in different ways. Perhaps they are recruited to perform a heist on behalf of the Guild, or they need to bargain with Lord Shadow for some crucial piece of information or assistance.
  8. Use these adventure ideas to create a darker, more dangerous tone in the campaign. Make it clear that the players are operating in a world where morality is often ambiguous, and where danger lurks around every corner.

Adventure Ideas

  1. Infiltrating the Guild: The party is hired by the local authorities to infiltrate the Thieves’ Guild and gather evidence against them. The party will need to gain the trust of the Guild members, including Mick and Bone Crusher, and work their way up the ranks to discover the identity of Lord Shadow and their plans for the town.
  2. Rescue Mission: The party is hired by a wealthy merchant whose daughter has been kidnapped by the Thieves’ Guild. The Guild demands a hefty ransom for her safe return, but the merchant believes they will not release her even if the ransom is paid. The party will need to sneak into The Pit, find the daughter, and get out before they are caught. However, Lord Shadow has other plans for the party once they are caught.
  3. Thieves’ Challenge: The party is approached by a mysterious figure who challenges them to a series of thieving challenges. If the party succeeds, they will earn the respect of the Thieves’ Guild and may be able to gain their assistance in a future mission. However, failure may result in the party being banished from Cresthaven or worse.
  4. Ogre’s Breath: The Lamb’s signature drink is not just strong, it is also cursed. The players drink it and find themselves in a drunken haze with strange visions. They must navigate the dangerous streets of Cresthaven while dealing with hallucinations and the dangers of the Thieves’ Guild.
  5. A Deal with the Devil: Lord Shadow has been hired by a powerful mage to retrieve a powerful artifact from a nearby dungeon. The players are hired to assist the Guild in the heist, but they soon discover that the artifact is cursed, and Lord Shadow plans to use it for his own gain.
  6. The Pit: The players are captured by the Thieves’ Guild and brought to The Pit as prisoners. They must find a way to escape the underground hideout and avoid detection by the Guild’s members. Along the way, they may discover the Guild’s secrets and even gain the upper hand against Lord Shadow and his minions.
  7. The Pit Fight: The players are forced to participate in an underground fighting tournament held in The Pit, organized by the Thieves’ Guild. They must fight their way through a series of dangerous opponents, including Bone Crusher himself, to win their freedom and escape the clutches of the Guild.

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