Treasure Reward Ideas

The lure of adventure beckons with its promise of exploration, camaraderie, and personal glory. Tangible rewards undeniably fuel the flames of this pursuit, and while magic items hold undeniable power, non-magical rewards offer a refreshingly thematic alternative.

This compendium unveils 101 such rewards, designed to broaden the spectrum of rewards Dungeon Masters can bestow upon their players. By incorporating these diverse options, you can cultivate deeper engagement with your meticulously crafted world, create a more nuanced reward structure, and ultimately enhance player satisfaction.

To the Dungeon Master

As Dungeon Masters, we are the architects of extraordinary experiences. We weave captivating narratives that challenge and reward our players in equal measure. This curated list of non-magical rewards serves as a valuable resource to enrich your campaign’s richness and player satisfaction.

Remember, thoughtful integration is key. Consider the unique context of your world and the individual motivations of your player characters. A stoic cavalier might find greater value in a prestigious title than a bookworm spell caster. By tailoring the rewards to resonate with each character’s aspirations, you can create a more intricate tapestry of experiences, fostering deeper connections between players and the world they inhabit.

Feel empowered to adapt and personalize these suggestions to suit your specific campaign. Maximize the impact of these rewards and create truly memorable adventures for your players.

101 Rewards for Completing a Quest

  1. Fortune Telling – A Bad Omen: A cryptic message that warns of danger ahead, prompting caution.
  2. Divination – Sticky Situation Solution: “When in doubt, choose blue” – a clue to an upcoming riddle.
  3. Tournament Entry: Free entry into a prestigious fighting competition.
  4. Equipment Repair: A skilled craftsman repairs a broken weapon or armor.
  5. Riddle Answer: Unraveling a perplexing riddle.
  6. Ship Berth: Passage on a sea voyage to a new land.
  7. Caravan Passage: Safe travel with a merchant caravan.
  8. Fishing Rights: Exclusive fishing rights in a bountiful lake.
  9. Mining Rights: Permission to mine a valuable mineral deposit.
  10. Sheep: A small flock of sheep to start a farm.
  11. Barrel of Rum: A strong liquor to share with companions.
  12. Trade Spices: A supply of rare and valuable spices.
  13. Contract Cancellation: Removing a deadly contract from someone’s head.
  14. Assassination Option: (High Moral Cost) A shady figure offers to eliminate an enemy.
  15. Mysterious Key: A beautifully crafted key with no apparent lock (yet).
  16. Outstanding Pet Care: A skilled animal trainer offers exceptional care for their pet.
  17. Song of Praise: A bard composes a song chronicling their heroic deeds.
  18. Magic Shop Access: Allowed entry into a well-stocked magic item shop.
  19. Magic Item Sale: Permission to sell a magic item at a reputable shop.
  20. Festival Invitation: An invitation to a grand annual festival with games and revelry.
  21. Rare Natural Phenomenon: Witnessing a breathtaking astronomical or geological event.
  22. Favorable Relations: Two previously hostile factions become friendly due to their intervention.
  23. Blessing: A powerful cleric bestows a blessing upon them.
  24. Charm: A lucky charm imbued with a minor magical benefit.
  25. Letter of Recommendation: A powerful figure vouches for their skills and reputation.
  26. Medals of Honor: Awarded medals for their bravery and heroism.
  27. Key to the City: Freedom from tolls and special privileges within a city.
  28. Land Grant: A plot of land bestowed upon them.
  29. Building Ownership: A deed to a valuable building.
  30. Business Ownership: Control of a profitable business venture.
  31. Favor from a Powerful Figure: A powerful person owes them a debt and is willing to help them in the future.
  32. Special Rights: Exemption from certain taxes or laws within a specific region.
  33. Noble Title: Bestowed a noble title for their deeds.
  34. Advanced Training: Free instruction from a master swordsman, mage, or other skilled individual.
  35. Epic Boon: A permanent magical enhancement granted for their accomplishments.
  36. Animal Companion: A loyal animal companion joins them on their adventures.
  37. Nontraditional Companion: A unique non-animal companion, like a sentient talking sword or a mischievous sprite.
  38. Their Weight in Cheese: A truly outrageous amount of a specific delicious cheese.
  39. Forgotten God’s Name: Knowledge of a forgotten deity’s name, granting a one-time powerful ability.
  40. Mysterious Clues: A cryptic message hinting at a hidden treasure or powerful artifact.
  41. Evidence for Justice: Unearthing crucial evidence to exonerate a wrongfully accused person.
  42. Get Out of Jail Free: A card allowing them to avoid imprisonment once.
  43. A Past Regret Resolved: A chance to undo a mistake from their past, granting inner peace.
  44. Regained Youth: A magical fountain or ritual restores their youthful appearance.
  45. Treasure Map: A detailed map leading to a hidden treasure location.
  46. Important Introduction: An introduction to a powerful or influential figure.
  47. Lost Knowledge Recovered: Uncovering forgotten lore or lost magical techniques.
  48. Suspicious Tin: A seemingly ordinary tin labeled “Ham?” containing something unknown.
  49. Question for a Deity: The opportunity to ask a single question to a powerful god.
  50. Faustian Bargain: A powerful fiend offers a deal, but at a significant cost.
  51. Rare Book: A rare and ancient book filled with forgotten knowledge.
  52. Masterwork Tool: A masterfully crafted tool for their trade, granting a bonus to specific tasks.
  53. Invitation to a Guild: Membership into a prestigious guild with access to training and resources.
  54. Feast in their Honor: A luxurious banquet thrown in their honor, complete with entertainment.
  55. Performance at a Royal Court: Invited to perform a skill or feat before a king or queen.
  56. Invitation to a Hidden Society: Entry into a secret organization with unique knowledge and connections.
  57. Debt Forgiveness: A large debt owed by them or a loved one is mysteriously forgiven.
  58. Audience with a Wise Creature: A chance to converse with a powerful dragon, sphinx, or other wise creature.
  59. Performance at a Grand Theatre: The opportunity to showcase their talents at a renowned theater.
  60. Personalized Weapon/Armor: A skilled smith crafts a custom weapon or piece of armor for them.
  61. Healing Springs Access: Access to magical hot springs that grant rapid healing and relaxation.
  62. Rare Mount: A unique and powerful mount like a griffin, hippogriff, or war elephant.
  63. Planar Travel Scroll: A one-time use scroll allowing travel to a specific outer plane.
  64. Shape-Shifting Potion: A potion that allows them to temporarily transform into another creature.
  65. Portable Fortress Blueprint: The schematics to build a portable, self-defending fortress.
  66. Exotic Pet: A rare and interesting pet from a distant land.
  67. Improved Reputation: Their deeds become widely known, increasing their reputation and influence.
  68. Unbreakable Lock: A lock that cannot be picked by any mundane means.
  69. Portable Forge: A magically compact forge that can be used anywhere.
  70. Disguise Kit: A masterfully crafted disguise kit allowing them to blend into any crowd.
  71. Cartographer’s Services: A skilled mapmaker creates a detailed map of a specific region.
  72. Cursed Artifact (Positive): An artifact with a seemingly negative curse that actually grants a hidden benefit.
  73. Improved Senses Potion: A potion that temporarily enhances their senses (sight, hearing, smell).
  74. Portable Alchemy Lab: A miniature alchemy lab that allows them to create potions on the go.
  75. Performance at a Bards’ College: The opportunity to showcase their talents at a prestigious college of bards.
  76. Invitation to a Tournament (Non-Combat): Entry into a prestigious competition of skill or knowledge (e.g., archery, cooking).
  77. Invitation to a Royal Hunt: Invited on a royal hunting expedition with other nobles.
  78. Favor from a Powerful Creature: A powerful creature owes them a favor and is willing to help them in the future.
  79. Improved Reputation with a Race: Gaining favor and respect from a specific race (elves, dwarves, etc.).
  80. Hidden Chamber Discovery: They discover a hidden chamber within a previously explored dungeon.
  81. Cursed Artifact (Removable): A cursed artifact, but the curse can be lifted through a specific ritual.
  82. Invitation to a Gambling Den: Entry into a high-stakes gambling den frequented by wealthy individuals.
  83. Performance at a Colosseum: The opportunity to showcase their combat prowess in a grand arena.
  84. Masterwork Instrument: A masterfully crafted musical instrument with a unique sound.
  85. Portable Teleportation Device: A one-time use scroll that allows them to teleport to a specific location.
  86. Invitation to a Royal Ball: Invited to a lavish ball at a royal court, offering opportunities for social connections.
  87. Shape-Shifting Ring: A magic ring that allows them to change their appearance at will.
  88. Improved Reputation with a Guild: Gaining favor and respect within a specific guild.
  89. Improved Carrying Capacity: A magical blessing that increases their ability to carry heavy loads.
  90. Improved Weapon Proficiency: Training from a master warrior that grants a bonus to a specific weapon type.
  91. Magical Seed: A magical seed that grows into a unique tree with beneficial properties.
  92. Invitation to a Monster Hunt: Invited on a prestigious hunt for a legendary monster.
  93. Performance at a Magic Academy: The opportunity to showcase their magical prowess at a prestigious magic school.
  94. Portable Ramparts: A magically collapsible set of fortifications that can be quickly deployed.
  95. Invitation to a Peace Summit: Invited to a high-level diplomatic meeting to help broker peace between warring factions.
  96. Improved Reputation with a Religion: Gaining favor and respect from a specific religion.
  97. Cursed Artifact (Beneficial): An artifact with a seemingly negative curse that actually grants a powerful magical ability.
  98. Improved Social Skills: Training from a charismatic socialite that grants a bonus to social checks.
  99. Improved Spellcasting: Training from a powerful mage that grants them access to a specific high-level spell.
  100. A Dedicated Chronicler: A skilled bard or writer dedicates themselves to chronicling their adventures.
  101. A Prophecy in their Name: A prophecy foretells a great destiny or future accomplishment for them.

The Adventurer’s Journey Continues…

This list provides a springboard for countless possibilities. Have you used non-magical rewards in your campaigns? What unique rewards have resonated with your players? Share your experiences and inspire other Dungeon Masters in the comments below!

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