As you step into the dense, whispering woods of Darkwood Forest, the air is filled with the crisp scent of pine and a distant, unusual gobbling sound. Lord Bakkas’ words echo in your minds, ‘Bring back the turkeys for our feast.’ But as you delve deeper, the ‘gobbles’ grow louder, resonating like thunder through the trees. Suddenly, towering shadows loom overhead – the ‘turkeys’ are none other than the legendary ROCs, majestic and massive. Your mission to feed the village has become a daunting hunt against these colossal birds. Steel yourselves, adventurers, for this hunt, will test your courage, wit, and strength like never before.

Summary: In the quaint village of Cresthaven, nestled at the edge of the vast Darkwood Forest, the adventurers are tasked with an unusual but seemingly simple mission: hunt down ‘turkeys’ to feed the villagers during a time of scarcity. However, the quest takes an unexpected turn when they discover these ‘turkeys’ are actually giant birds known as ROCs, formidable creatures with a reputation for being both elusive and dangerous.

Setting: The dense and sprawling Darkwood Forest, known for its towering trees and mysterious creatures.

Player Configuration: Suitable for a party of four level 6 adventurers.

Main Challenge: The adventurers must track and hunt at least five ROCs. These giant birds are not only massive and tough but also cunning and surprisingly stealthy for their size.

NPC Characters:

  • Lord Bakkus: The village elder of Cresthaven who tasks the adventurers with the hunt.
  • Ranger Yolan: A local woodsman with knowledge of the ROCs’ habits and habitats.

Possible Player Actions:

  • Setting up strategic traps or ambushes.
  • Tracking the ROCs through the forest using survival skills.
  • Engaging in combat with these massive birds.
  • Finding alternative solutions to feed the village.

Potential Outcomes:

  • Successfully hunting the ROCs and returning as heroes.
  • Discovering a deeper problem in the forest that’s affecting the wildlife.
  • Forming a unique bond or understanding with the ROCs.


  • Gratitude of Cresthaven villagers, leading to potential future aid or resources.
  • Unique items or materials harvested from the ROCs.
  • A sum of gold or valuable items from Lord Bakkus for their efforts.

DM Tips:

  • Emphasize the surprising agility and intelligence of the ROCs during encounters.
  • Consider the environmental impact of the ROCs on the forest ecology.
  • Allow creative solutions from players, like negotiating with or taming the ROCs.

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