Read to Player (Hook):

As you traverse the sun-baked savanna, a guttural roar shatters the silence. A large troop of baboons, led by a hulking alpha male with a fearsome scar across his eye, emerges from the tall grass. They spot your packs and provisions, their territorial instincts kicking in. Do you attempt to stand your ground, appease the troop, or find a way to sneak past them unnoticed?


The encounter takes place on a vast, sun-drenched savanna. Golden grasses sway in the warm breeze, and acacia trees dot the landscape in the distance.

Player Configuration:

This encounter is designed for a party of 4-6 adventurers of level 2-3.

Main Challenge:

The main challenge lies in navigating the tense situation with a potentially aggressive troop of baboons. The players must choose between combat, appeasement, or stealth to avoid being attacked or robbed of their supplies.

  • Baboon, Wild (x10): These baboons are a mix of males, females, and young. They will follow Jabari’s lead and attack if threatened.


  • Jabari: The alpha male will display dominance through barking, teeth-baring, and chest-beating. He may initiate a grapple attack against a single player if they appear threatening.
  • Troop: The baboons will mimic Jabari’s displays and attack as a pack if the party shows aggression or hostility. They will primarily target backpacks and food pouches, attempting to snatch supplies or steal trinkets (DMs can use this to their advantage for removing important items from character inventories).

Possible Player Actions:

  • Combat: Fighting the baboons is a risky option. They have sharp teeth and claws, and their numbers are overwhelming. However, a well-placed attack on Jabari might send the troop fleeing (using a morale check).
  • Appeasement: Players can attempt to de-escalate the situation by offering a non-essential item from their packs, like dried fruit or shiny trinkets. Appealing to the troop’s curiosity or playful nature might also work.
  • Stealth: If the terrain allows, the party can try to sneak past the baboons while they’re distracted.

Potential Outcomes:

  • Peaceful Encounter: By offering a non-threatening presence or a small appeasement, the baboons lose interest and allow the party to pass.
  • Open Conflict: If the party attacks or appears hostile, a chaotic brawl ensues. The baboons may steal some supplies before fleeing, or the players may drive them off entirely.
  • Escape: With a successful stealth check, the party evades the baboons’ notice and continues on their journey.

Further Ideas:

  • The baboons might be guarding a hidden watering hole or a secret stash of fruit.
  • Jabari could be injured or sick, making the troop vulnerable and open to assistance from skilled healers.
  • The encounter could lead the party to a hidden grove inhabited by a wise shaman baboon who offers cryptic advice.


  • None

Experience Points (XP):

  • Successfully navigating the encounter through appeasement or stealth awards 1400 XP to be divided among the party.
  • Defeating the baboons in combat awards 2200 XP to be divided among the party.

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