Shamans walk the unseen path, channeling psychic abilities and harnessing the power of the spirit world. They heal allies, commune with the dead, and craft potent remedies using their deep knowledge of herbs and alchemy.

As a Shaman, you are a versatile adventurer, offering both mystical support and spiritual guidance to your party.

Ability Focus: Wisdom

Hit Points: d6

Ancestries Allowed: All

Starting Reputation: +1

Bonuses and Abilities

Read Magic Text

A shaman knows the shared language of magic and can both read and write it.


The shaman’s intuition allows them to peer beyond the veil, sensing emotions and even projecting their spirit to gather knowledge from the unseen world. With this psychic connection, they bridge the gap between the physical realm and the spirit world, offering guidance and wielding unseen power. See Psychic powers for more information

Starting Potential

The shaman starts with Potential equal to the combination of Ability Focus, Constitution and Wisdom

Astral Projection

Cost: 6 Potential

The ability to project one’s consciousness outside the physical body, allowing the user to explore the world without physical limitations.

Mechanical Bonus: The user can move freely, passing through physical barriers and obstacles, but is unable to interact with the physical world while in astral form.


Cost: 2 Potential

The ability to sense and feel the emotions of others, allowing the user to understand the feelings of those around them.

Mechanical Bonus: The user can sense the general emotional state of a person within 10ft, gaining insight into their motivations and intentions.

Speak with the Dead

Cost: 4 Potential

The shaman can commune with the spirits of the departed, seeking knowledge or guidance. See 4th level Speak with Dead wizards spell.

Create Effigy

Starting at level 4, the shaman gains the mystical ability to craft an effigy, a crude but potent link to a specific individual. By spending an hour in a ritual and consuming a bit of the target’s hair (obtained willingly or through stealthy means), they weave a physical manifestation of their essence from scavenged materials. The effigy takes the form of a small, humanoid doll, roughly the size of a rodent.

While maintaining line of sight with the linked individual and the effigy remains intact, the shaman can inflict a distracting curse upon them. As an action, they can choose to squeeze, poke or burn the effigy, triggering a magical surge that disrupts the target’s focus for 1d4 rounds. During this time, the target suffers disadvantage on all rolls.

Create Totem

Starting at level 4, the shaman can craft a physical object imbued with spiritual power that grants specific bonuses or abilities. These totems could be crafted from animal bones, sacred herbs, or imbued with a spirit’s essence. The type of totem you create can be influenced by your connection to the spirit world.

Totem List

Healing Totem: Heals anyone within 10 feet of the totem 1 hit point / turn for 10 turns. Materials required: Quartz crystal, aloe vera leaf (minimum cost: 25 gp)

Totem of Rage: Gives anyone (or anything) a +2 to attack rolls, but at -4 to armor class for 2d6 rounds. Materials required: Flask of strong whiskey, stinging nettle leaves (minimum cost: 10 gp)

Totem of Inspiration: Gives everyone within 10 feet a +2 bonus to ability rolls for 1 minute. Materials required: Jester’s hat with bells, peacock feather (minimum cost: 50 gp)

Totem of Mist: Creates a translucent mist in a 60-foot cone that lasts for 1d6 rounds. Creatures with darkvision can see through the mist normally, while others have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight. Materials required: Crushed chalk, dusk-colored cloth scrap, feather fan (minimum cost: 15 gp)

Totem of Shielding: Creates a shimmering barrier around you for 1d6 rounds that absorbs the first 5 points of damage dealt to you or an ally within 5 feet. Materials required: Fragile butterfly wings, sliver of meteorite (minimum cost: 75 gp)

Totem of Cleansing: Purifies the immediate area (10 feet radius) for 1 hour, removing non-magical diseases and granting temporary resistance to poison damage. Materials required: Empty seashell, vial of rainwater, pinch of graveyard dirt (minimum cost: 20 gp)


As a player advances in level as a Shaman, they can allocate 3 points to their specialized skills, such as Medicine or Craft (Concoction). These skills are enhanced by the Shaman’s abilities and traits, making them particularly adept in certain areas of healing and mystical crafting. For example, A Shaman with a +2 in Wisdom (and +1 for focus at first level) would have a base Medicine bonus of +6.

  • Medicine (Wisdom + 3): Your knowledge of herbal remedies and anatomy allows you to stabilize allies, treat wounds, and cure diseases.
  • Mixology (Concoction) (Wisdom + 2): You have a knack for brewing potions and concoctions, allowing you to craft healing elixirs, antidotes, and potentially even poisons. They can craft potions per the crafting section, but using this skill bonus as their check instead of the general one.
  • Diagnose (Wisdom + 1): Through a combination of herbal knowledge, psychic intuition, and potentially astral diagnosis, you can attempt to identify curses, diseases, and other ailments.
  • Divination (No Starting Bonus): Through rituals, trances, or interpreting signs, the Shaman can glimpse the future. However, these visions are often cryptic and open to interpretation. The broad sense of the future gleaned can be applied to various situations, but requires the Shaman’s wisdom and intuition to decipher the true meaning.

Starting Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, caltrops (10), chalk (10), pouch of runes, a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a water skin.

Starting Money

All characters start with 2d4 x 10 gold pieces

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